Hi! I’m Missy, not the little missy everyone shames you to be…that’s my name.

I’m a self taught amateur photographer located in the amazingly awesome pacific northwest. I can literally see a volcano out my window…..well I could if it wasn’t for all these damn green trees.

I was handed my first ever DLSR about a year after our daughters birth, my husband wasn’t too excited about me taking her to those overpriced mall photo stores. Little did he know he would start a brand new obsession. After my father passed away way too young I started using it as a coping method. Now 2 years later, a newer camera, and lots of gear upgrades I am here to hopefully get more people out of their house and enjoying the places around us. Most of my posts will be in the SW Washington / Portland, OR area but  I am hoping to expand depending on future funds.

Most photographers will pick a certain subject to master, mine happens to be water. You see, water and I have had a love/hate relationship all my life. My brother still teases me about being shoved out onto a lake in a rubber raft all by myself and I screamed the whole time. What do you expect from a kid who can’t swim? Even if the water was only 2 feet deep…but still, water and I don’t mix. We do however play wonderfully when I am on the shore and have my camera in hand. I’ll mix in hidden hikes, new paths, and amazing scenery with tips and tricks on what I did and how you can do it better. I spent the last 3 years figuring out my camera because I am hard headed and like to teach myself. Hopefully I can make that much quicker for you!

And lastly, if you would like some one on one lessons or head out on an outing with me, I am available for that! Send me an email and I will see what I can do to get you out there!

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