I shoot a Nikon D7000 and currently have a D90 as backup due to the fact that I am a clumsy bastard and have a tendency to break things.

Does it matter the brand or type of your camera? Not really. If you have a point and shoot there won’t be any long exposures or aperture tricks in your bag…sorry. But if you have a DSLR, of any kind with a little “M” setting your golden.

I also lug around in my magical bag of tricks:

Tripod – a must for long exposures

Filters – Polarizer, ND, and their holder. I will go into depth of which ones do what and why in my posts to follow.

Light source – usually a small LED flashlight

Rope – because sometimes you really want to get down that cliff but don’t want to die doing so.

And then my normal gear I pack around for general safety. I was brought up in a scouting family, I will be prepared for the zombie apocalypse with what I usually have with me.

I will probably add more as we go when I realize I am an idiot and left it out.

As said a little above, I will go over general uses and why I use them on each of the shots and hikes as we go.

Now that you’re prepared…..TO THE HIKES!!!

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