I haven’t posted anything since last summer. I got busy……real busy. 

We built a house, moved, and then I got slammed with portraits. Not that i’m complaining, it is AMAZING to be busy doing something that I love. I just need to get things mapped out, planned, and executed. This year, that’s going to happen.

In the beginning i really only did landscape photography with the occasional photograph of a family event. While I still like shooting the outdoors, I am finding that I also love photographing people. 

Missy Fant Photography

I mean how could you NOT enjoy taking images of happy little kids running around!

I starting feeling really comfortable shooting families and kids, so I got booked for engagements and weddings this summer! I feel very blessed to have these opportunities and challenge myself to capture great images in areas previously unknown to me.

So after months of solid shoots and the holidays over, it is the new years and its time to start thinking where I want to take myself this year.

So starting late this January I am doing my first ever event. A friend of mine and I have rented a hotel room and we’re ready to tackle pinup/boudoir photography. She is an awesome hair/makeup artist, and I have been goofing with lighting techniques and editing enough where I can feel comfortable doing this. After this, who knows where we’ll go! I am definitely up for more portraits and weddings. But I am also up for escaping a few days at a time and enjoying the great outdoors while hunting down new landscapes to shoot. 


My goal here? To keep this updated on new shots, possibly techniques, and some new hiking trails when I hit them! I need to remember on the trail to shoot as I ago instead of just at my destination!



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