The last couple years I have slowly been building up my confidence and skills as a portrait photographer. I absolutely love chasing little ones around and capturing the pure joy that they contain. Now with a somewhat solid core of portrait knowledge I decided to toe the water of another venture. Boudoir.

It is completely different from anything else I’ve done. Moving inside I am constantly adjusting lighting, posing, and working with amazing people to help obtain images for them that they, and their significant other, can enjoy! My subjects actually hold still for the most part and mostly listen to me! However, I will always capture families and children. This is not putting that love of mine aside at all. This is  merely another challenge. I feel that if I quit challenging myself to obtain new skills or come up with new ideas, I’ve lost all passion for the art.

I drug my friend of 20+ years into this with me as well. I can barely put on mascara and my hair has been in the same ponytail for the last 20 years. She however, is a magician when it comes to hair and makeup! With our powers combined  we are launching Wonder Women Boudoir.

The name? 1. we’re geeks and  2. I found that makeovers and running around in lingerie is actually quite empowering. The name captures both of those and we’re hoping that our future customers will feel great about themselves before and after the session. My friend made a good point to me last weekend. How can you sell your work if you are not willing to do it either. So with those words and her magic wand, I let her grab some shots as me as well. While apprehensive at first, I actually felt really good about it!

Our first event is January 25th at the awesome and unique McMenamins Kennedy School. McMenamins is known the northwest for buy old historic properties, restoring them, and turning them into hotels and restaurants. The Kennedy School is no acceptation. Built in 1915, the old school has amazing architecture. After closure, it was revamped into a hotel using the old classrooms as the rooms and leaving in the original chalkboards and amazing windows.

With the vintage furnishings and the availability of the Detention Bar right down the hall, we thought this would be an amazing place to hold our first boudoir session. After a few test runs with models we have figured out our timing and how many we can comfortably shoot in a day.

So here it is, January 25th 2014 will be Wonder Women Boudoir’s first leap into the world of boudoir. Here’s to hoping we don’t sink too fast!




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