I’ve come to notice that late December – February is quite quiet in the photography world. Sure there is some winter landscapes to be taken, but other than that, most people tend to hide inside with their cups of coffee.

But here comes spring! Which in the pacific northwest means that I prepare my gear to get rained upon while chasing families around and get my lighting gear in tune for wedding season. You read that right folks, this is my first year jumping into the wedding scene. I am starting off small, and slow. A family member here, and friend there, and I managed to mix in a few couple who I don’t know, but love my style and don’t mind that I am an amateur. It might also be because I am dirt cheap right now in order to build my portfolio.

However, even after thinking about it for a bit, I really don’t want to do those big fancy weddings. I love the casual, candid side of photography, so why not specialize in those types of weddings and events? I mean everyone wants a photographer for their wedding, but not everyone wants to do all the formal poses. Maybe the groom wants a shot of the bride doing a keg stand? I am all over that.

On the other side is portraits, and I scored BIG on a item for my studio. It’s nice having friends in different businesses spread out about town. One of them brought into their shop this amazing, all original vintage couch. It was sitting there for a year and a half taunting me. I didn’t want to commit to it yet, I didn’t know how successful i would be. But after a pretty solid fall portrait season, and some boudoir shoots in the winter, I did it!


Isn’t she beautiful? Her name is Roy. She’s still in the shop right now, I am waiting for the huge downpours to stop before I attempt to put her in the back of my truck and haul her 45 minutes north.

I can picture amazing boudoir shots with her as well as her placed in my field with some flowers around her and some little kids sitting on her. Tons of possibilities and hopefully she’ll pay for herself this year.

I am also converting an extra room we have in the house into a proper studio, with a separate entrance and all. I feel this year is just the beginning to something that can be HUGE, as long as I keep up the slow and steady pace. I managed to wrangle in a stylist and a few 2nd shooters as well to get this ball rolling. Here’s to hoping we can keep this going!

Thanks for all the support and here’s to a wonderful and successful 2014!!

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  1. I love your attitude. I feel the same way about my cakes. The minute it becomes too big, it’s no longer something you will love to do.

    I know you will be successful!

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