I think I found my niche, and I am falling in love with photography all over again.

Sure, my first 2 weddings were for friends and family, but I think I found my groove.

My main love for photography grew from capturing landscapes and making something dreamy out of them. After a bit, I started getting asked for portraits and event coverage. Being stuck indoors, or not capturing something I find interesting can really bog down your creativity and you can start to feel trapped. When asked about weddings, I politely declined the last couple years because I figured I wasn’t ready for such a big step. I didn’t want to deliver sub par images for such a big event in someones life!

At the beginning of this year I decided to set some goals business wise, and my main one was to challenge myself and push  the limits to make my skill set larger, and hopefully better. I started watching craigslist and Facebook for ideas on what to do. The first one came via an old co-worker wanting photography for her wedding, but not wanting to spend a HUGE amount of money doing so. She knew that I was basically an amateur and accepted that fact. I threw in a free engagement session so she cold confirm that sure, I can get some shots in. After the session I realized that my favorite shots were the ones with the environment worked into it. Not just them, but other elements in the photo that really make them stand out.

My next couple came off of a plea on Craigslist. They were a young couple, couldn’t afford much, but wanted a fresher, artistic touch to their wedding. After another free engagement session in the gorgeous Hoyt Arboretum, I was was booked again! Everything starting falling into place! After I posted my glee on Facebook, I landed a co-worker’s wedding and my brother in law’s!

My main goal is to bring my style of landscape and fine art into the weddings themselves. I want to wrap the couples venue around them and use my love of nature to help push their shots. I want to capture more than just them, I want to capture the love between them and tell the story of who they really are.

I also want to help couples who don’t have as much of a budget get the shots that they will cherish forever. I am not trying to undercut the market or push others out, I just find that I feel better helping those out than raking in money. This is not my main job, nor do I plan on making it (at least until i officially retire from my day job)

So with 5 more weddings booked and hopefully more, here’s to finding new passions along the way!


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