I know I have already posted A wedding, but it was not our first. I helped out someone else on that one. Our first true wedding was a few weekends before that, and I had my amazing photography partner Leslie with me.

The bride was actually a co worker of mine at my normal 7-5 job. It was to be a small wedding with just some friends and family. She knew I was looking to get into wedding photography, and she just wanted a few to remember her day by. The difference in our thinking was this, she wanted to help me out and maybe get a few shots that she would love. My thinking was CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! I wanted to give her something completely unexpected and blow her expectations out of the water.

The venue was special to the groom, it was the small little church that he and his family had been attending for generations. The church was built in 1884 and was pretty small and had some darker wood. We were a little worried about available light, but the giant, gorgeous stained glass windows really helped and gave some character to the building as well.


The biggest of the windows was near the rear of the church, we got to capture some candids of the bridesmaids/daughters.

We were able to attend the rehearsal the night before, so we balanced our lighting, planned out our locations, and were about set when we were told that the officiant had some restrictions for us. This is where we learned we should always speak with the officiant before the ceremony, We were restricted to the back of the church, no aisle access, and no use of flash. When we first got there, we thought we could use our prime lenses and let the natural light help us. However, being placed in the back of the church, we had to use our telephoto lenses. Thank goodness for those stained glass windows! The ceremony was at 1’o clock, so with the sun in the sky, we got the light we needed!

A wide angle look inside the Pleasant Home United Methodist Church in Gresham, OR

A wide angle look inside the Pleasant Home United Methodist Church in Gresham, OR

I did cheat a little in this shot, I used my beloved Rokinon 8mm fisheye. I love, love, love this lens!

If you want to get one for yourself, check it out here: http://amzn.to/170XWj3

A backlit stained glass for the perfect first kiss.

A backlit stained glass for the perfect first kiss.


And if you could not tell, we LOVE black and white. We do however, provide both the color and black and white shots to the couple so they get them no matter if they like black and white  as much as we do or not.

After the ceremony, we did some quick family shots and drove down to their house a few miles away, hung out with a small group, and had a wonderful time all around. Leslie and I learned what to look for, what to ask, and that we can work very well as a team!

I hope to post more about each wedding that we have done, and hopefully the ones we do in the future soon, right after the portraits and boudoir event I am doing as well!

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