Mother, wife, daughter, sister, project manager, and a wannabe photographer…..all in one.

When you think of a photographer, what comes to mind? Well, take that image and throw it away.

A love for adventure and outdoors, fun, creative, non-pretentious, and a passion for capturing images for you to treasure for a lifetime.

Living in the Pacific Northwest, it makes it easy to love the outdoors. I started what would become my obsession dabbling in landscape photography. Chasing all the waterfalls around my area as a way to refresh my mind after the death of my father and busy days at the office.

A few years down the road I started capturing my friends and family, and then was asked to shoot my brother-in-laws wedding. I was hooked.

Once those images hit our friends and family, it all just kind of snowballed.

2016 will be my third year as a wedding photographer, my most booked yet, and I AM LOVING IT!

I also enjoy helping and teaching others in photography when I can. If you have an interest and want to learn more about how i create my images. Feel free to ask!




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