For the last few years, I had gone through all of the routes we wanted to take on our road trips, made reservations, and kept a timeline. This year, we tried something different. No reservations, no plans, and no timeline. It helped that we were only about 6 hours from home at any given time, so if it didn’t work out, it was just a drive home.

We knew we wanted to head up he 101 and go through the Olympic National Park and Hoh Rainforest. So we started driving up through Aberdeen and onward towards Forks.

It was getting towards the late afternoon and we found Lake Quinault on the map. Turning off Hwy 101 we drove along the lake and came across the lodge.

The lodge is a sight to see itself, but it also runs the camp grounds along the lake as the lake is ran and owned by the Quinault Indian Nation. We headed in to see if there was any openings for the night. Nothing. But she did tell us that one of the campsites has what they call “overflow” and that we can head there to see if anything was open.

We stopped by the local store, grabbed some drinks for the night, and headed to see what the overflow was about.

Wallaby Campground is a sloped campground with small reservable sites, a drop off into the lake, and slowly sloped down to the camp host and the day camp area.
Speaking with the camp host, we learned that the “overflow” was basically the day use beach along the lake. She didn’t like turning people away when they had this amazing beach with campfire rings and picnic tables completely empty for the night. $20 later, we setup camp along the beach and watched the sunset along the mountains surrounding the lake. Much better than the campsites that were above us!
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