Continuing on our trip along the coast, we head south again along the 101.

First stop? Thor’s well and Spouting horn. During high tide, these two sites are amazing (and dangerous) but our timing wasn’t the best. We had a date with an animal park in Bandon, so we stopped and checked it out at low tide. While it’s still really cool to see, we played along the rocks finding lots of different little tide pools.

We got back in the car and headed towards The West Coast Game Park Safari.

I grew up in southern California and moved to the PNW when I was 8. We were the first in our family to move north, so we would take road trips almost every summer to go and visit. Each time, my dad tried to find a different way with new things for us to check out. One of my favorite routes included this animal park.

From the outside you just see a small building and the entire place surrounded in wood fencing. The minute you walk in you are surrounded by free roaming goats, peacocks, llamas and donkeys. We got a few ice cream cones full of animal feed and headed in. My daughter is a huge animal lover, so she was in complete heaven.

In the enclosures they have foxes, black bears, cougars, tigers, panthers, and a herd of antelope. They have 3 different show areas where they rotate different animals for you to pet and interact with.

We had the pleasure of petting foxes, bears, lynx, caracals, and a baby tiger. It was just as amazing as I remembered when I went there as a kid. It was definitely hard to get my daughter out and to the next camping spot.

This time the KOA was awesome! Large sites, lots of playgrounds, showers, and a little general store where we could stock back up on essentials. We made camp and celebrated our first full day on vacation with amores and Jameson.




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