A Very Nerdy Wedding at Deep Woods Events | Makaila and Miles

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I may be a little biased as Makaila is family, but I LOVED her and Miles’ wedding at Deep Woods Events in Elmira, OR.

Being a geek fits into our family. Technically she’s my husband’s cousin, but I have known her since she was in the single digits. A while back, she brought Miles to one of our family holidays, and we instantly felt like he was part of the family.

When Makaila asked me to photograph her wedding, how could I say no?! I knew that it was going to be amazing unique and awesome, just like they are.

A custom TARDIS was made for this occasion; the coolest thing is that it is completely collapsible and can be moved around with them on the vacations that they take together.

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The day started off with the girls getting ready in the dressing room, and Makaila’s soon to be daughter, Ziphoria, popping in and out.

Vancouver wa photographer

Miles and his groomsmen were locked away with some drinks and lots of laughter.

The ceremony was held with the sun peeking through the trees. The bridesmaids walked down with their bouquets tucked into lightsabers, and the groomsmen all had different sonic screwdrivers representing the love of Doctor Who.

Makaila even stepped out of the TARDIS when it was her turn to walk down the aisle to Miles.

Vancouver wa photographer

Vancouver wa photographer

Super sweet vows, with Miles, just replying “I Know” at the beginning of his. Rings were exchanged, the kiss was made, and it was official!

vancouver wa photographer

I always try to have some fun with the formal portraits. Not too many people like the stiff images, so I always try to make them relax and enjoy themselves.

Vancouver wa photographer

When it was time for just the couples portraits, Miles had scouted out a gorgeous area surrounded by trees lit with beautiful light. And of course, we had to work in the classic Star Wars pose. The sun happened to be in the perfect spot to get the sun flare right at the edge of the lightsaber.

Vancouver wa photographer

The reception was held inside with a slideshow going above the bar of the two growing up. Tables were split down the middle which opened it up for the dance floor. After some delicious BBQ and some time to cool off, the toasts began.

You can tell that these two are truly loved by their friends and family.

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The first dance was held with these two all over the dance floor. I think they may have practiced this beforehand. Once the first song was over, Makaila danced with both her Dad and her Stepdad.

I loved working in their Star Wars details into their ring shots!

Their cake meshed both of their sci-fi loves, with a TARDIS on top of the Millenium Falcon. There were lots of cheers for a cake fight, but we they were too nice to each other.

Vancouver wa photographer

One of my favorite parts of the reception was when Makaila asked Ziphoria if she could be her stepmom. There was an automatic hug and a “YES” before Makaila even finished her sentence.

vancouver wa photographerThe couple mingles with their guests, danced on the floor, and had a wonderful time. When it was getting time to leave, the guests lined up outside for a super fun bubble exit.

vancouver wa photographer

The flower toss happened outside in the entryway; I think I even saw some elbows thrown around for it!

These two jumped in a limo and headed off to Austrailia! How cool is that?!


Seriously, I am so happy for these two and am glad that I get to call them family.

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