Rachel and Tim’s Wedding at the Top of the World.

Well, maybe not the top, but at a really gorgeous spot with the view of Mount Hoods Peak. Mount Hood Ski Bowl offers an amazing small ceremony site with a view of the mountain, and a fun way to get back down.

Tim grew up in Oregon, and Rachel, she grew up in Oregon as well, but it was Oregon, Illinois.

So many it was just fate that brought them together. Now with both of them living in Texas, they wanted to come back up and celebrate their wedding in thee Pacific Northwest with a small group of their friends and family, because, you know, COVID.

Disclaimer to this wedding as well, this was planned and executed under all guidelines for COVID at the time in Oregon. They followed all protocols as well did all the vendors.

We took a van up to the top as not all of the lifts were running in August and started to setup the site. Also at the site is a warming hut that works perfectly as an area for a bride and her bridesmaids getting ready.

While that was happening inside, the florist was setting up the alter and I got to sneak the dress out before anyone else arrived.

All morning, the peak had been shrouded with clouds. But just as we were starting to setup, the clouds were breaking and giving us a gorgeous backdrop.

The boys got mostly ready back down at the main ski area and then came back up to help get everything else setup. But I did stop the groom and the bride’s father to get their boutonni√®res on.

Back inside, Rachel had a special ask for someone. Rachel’s mother passed away, but she had someone else in mind to step in for the day. I think she accepted.

With everything setup outside, guests starting to arrive, and the bride and groom ready, it was time to get the party started.

It wasn’t totally planned, but we decided to do a first look with Dad.

And now, the walk down the aisle.

The ceremony was short and VERY sweet.

With a very happy couple at the end.

We did a few friends and family images before we headed back into the van.

But we weren’t riding all the way down to the bottom this time, it’s just the gravel road is a little tricky to manuever in heads and gear bags. I left my gear, other than my camera, in the van to be driven down and prepared for some fun. A little adjustment to my camera harness, and I was on the alpine sleds. I rode mostly down the track and jumped off right before the end. There is a bridge that people can watch others come down. The coordinator was right behind me, so she pushed my sled the rest of the way down.

On the bridge, I waited for them to come down.

There was a little bit of delay as the bride actually decided to go so fast, that she went off the track. But, she was back on and having some fun.

After a quick visit to the first aid tent, and a change into her reception dress, we were off to Ratskeller for some pizza and brews.

Nothing like some good, local beer, pizza, and good friends to celebrate everything! A sweet card and speech by Dad is also a good way to get some people tearing up.

Rachel and Tim are definitely my type of people, just look at the custom wedding favors they had waiting for everyone.

AND, they catered to those that are not big cake people (like me). They even had a marionberry pie, which is very Oregon. I am not complaining that Tim made me sit down with a beer and have a slice of it.

In a very different year, I am so happy that these two got to celebrate like this with their close friends and family.

And also have a little fun with the cake.

Thanks to these two, I think I have a new favorite venue to capture weddings. It may be the view, but it’s also the amazing people I work with along the way.

Congrats you two, I hope life gives you everything you want. You deserve it.

+ Vancouver WA Photographer

Emily and Josh’s Engagement Session at Trinity Pines.

One of the great things about having Trinity Pines as your wedding venue is that you can also use it for your engagement session. That is exactly and Emily and Josh decided to do.

The venue itself is pretty large and offers quite a variety of backdrops, so this is the perfect way to find your favorite spots before your wedding day. I highly recommend finding a sweet little hiding spot to escape all the craziness.

The sun was in the perfect spot to start along the tree line. Emily and Josh are outdoor lovers like me, and this backdrop totally represents a majority of our scenery here in the pacific northwest.

Walking down to the ceremony location, you arrive at the paved walkway and the arbor. So some practice dipping here is always encouraged.

We again went into the trees to play along the pond and the forest.

Walking up to the house, there is a little dip in the road. This is where the creek runs along with the property. If you couldn’t tell, it’s one of my favorite spots.

The area along with the main house and getting ready suites is gorgeously landscaped. So you have a nice contrast of the wild northwest to the manicured gardens. Make sure to peek into the ponds to see the giant koi! I have no idea how they’ve been able to keep the wildlife around here away from them.

I think this was one of Emily’s favorite spots and is a little out of the way from the main venue. But just past the house is the barn…and the cows.

Winding back down to the parking area is the hill. It gives a perfect boost for silhouettes and skyline images.

Congrats to Emily and Josh and I can’t wait to hang out with you again next year!

+ Vancouver wa photographer

Something Wicked.

Deep in the forest of the Pacific Northwest, a small coven of witches gathered in preparation for Samhain.

Thank you to Kelsey, Dani, and Traci for coming out in the cold and playing in the woods. This is what sprang from her ideas.

+ Vancouver wa photographer

Kari and Phil’s Summer Adventure, AKA Engagement AND Wedding!

It’s been a very odd year. With all of the precautions taken for the Coronavirus, a majority of my couples have had to change everything about their dream wedding day. Kari and Phil are one of those couples. But instead of postponing everything, they were way too excited to get married, so they did!

Shortly after they got engaged, Kari approached me about being their photographer. We are both members of the Couve Brew Bevy, which is a local group of women beer lovers. I said absolutely and we started planning. I knew I should of headed to my yearly conference in Vegas a week earlier and met them in Vegas, because when we all got back, everything was vastly different.

So after a few months of lockdown, I finally got the clearance to reopen up the photography business and we made a plan! It was June already, and their wedding date was for July 11th, so we headed out at the first date our calendars lined up and hit up Officer’s Row and their favorite tap house, Final Draft for their engagement session.

We got a little bit of luck as the day had been cloudy, but opened up just in time for their session. I mean, look at those clouds!

These two met with their love of craft beer, so I mean, we had to include it somewhere in their engagement session. I will never say “no” to photographing in your favorite spot to grab a drink, as long as the owners are cool with it too.

Kari and Phil didn’t let any of this ruin their wedding day either. When they couldn’t have the big party, they just moved it to their backyard!

With a small amount of their friends and family, it was just perfect.

With these two, there is always smiles. With sweet vows, I may of tried to not tear up a few times.

Afterwards, they popped a few brews and had a great time seeing their close friends and family.

Congrats you two! I am sure that we’ll be seeing each other at the tap rooms and events when it all starts to open up again!