Aysha and Skylar’s Summer Engagement Session

When an engaged couple is just in town for a few days before they fly back to universities, you meet them as soon as you can for en engagement session! Not to mention, the engagement happened just days before at this exact venue.

When you book a wedding at Trinity Pines, they let you use their gorgeous venue for your engagement session as well. Just a few days before this session, their families were there for a get together and Skylar officially proposed!

Check out this gorgeous couple! Can’t wait to photographer them here at this venue next summer!

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Nikki and John’s Wedding at Trinity Pines.

With 2020 behind us, it was so nice to kick off 2021 with weddings again! Of course, with Trinity Pines being outdoors, it was much easier to follow the COVID protocols and watch Nikki, JM, and their friends have a good time!

Both Nikki and John are in the military, so there are certain things that you’ll see throughout, primarily the color scheme of red, white, and blue.

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The large suite for the bride to get ready in is perfect for spending time with the bridal party and relaxing.

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While I was with Nikki getting ready, my associate, Jen, headed down the road to get a few of John Morgan and his crew. And also set up for the first look.

The long driveway shrouded in trees makes the perfect spot for the first look—plenty of room for the couple to move around and build the drama of the moment. Not to mention, on a hot day, everyone stays cool!

I also like to use this spot for any portraits before the ceremony. It keeps everyone hidden from the main areas.

Besides, doing as many formal portraits before the ceremony as possible makes it so much easier to get the party started!

Once we got all the family involved, we sent them back to hideaway and set up the ceremony. When you have two photographers and a videographer, it’s always good to coordinate to ensure we all get what we need without photobombing each other.

The lines started forming and we got to work!

When it came to the ring bearer and flower person, we were in for a TREAT. JP’s brothers did NOT disappoint. A mix of Mission Impossible and some sass.

And then came Nikki.

Vancouver wa photographer

A gorgeous ceremony with both of them fighting back some tears.

We stayed around the ceremony area to sign the marriage certificate and get all the family into the images. Trinity Pines has so many gorgeous locations that are very well kept.

As military members, you HAVE to have your grand entrance with swords.

Vancouver wa wedding photographer

After ensuring that the bride and groom filled their plates, we stole their rings and bouquet for some classic ring shots.

Vancouver wa wedding photographer

After the food was devoured, up came the speeches! The best man, maid of honor, and the parents all made sure to embarrass them as much as possible.

And, of course, the cake cutting….with the sword! Nikki and JM were just a little bit mean on this one.

We moved to the dances after they got a little bit cleaned up.

Jen and I snuck the couple outside to the tall grass for some alone time as the sunset. We brought along two of JP’s military friends to respectfully handle the flag for us.

Vancouver wa wedding photographer

Back inside, we jumped straight to the bouquet toss!

Vancouver wa wedding photographer

The garter toss had some added humor to it. Tv remotes, Baby Yoda, and the boys hitting the ground when the actual garter was tossed.

Jen and I had so much fun capturing this wedding and getting back into the flow off everything!

Thank you Nikki and JP for being so awesome to work with, we wish you all the happiness!

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Mady and Dan’s Senior Session in Downtown Vancouver, WA

One of the first things I always ask the seniors that book with me is, “what kind of backdrop do you want?”. I have quick access to so many locations where I am located, but when they say urban, just walking around the blocks from my studio works excellent. Not to mention, we get to utilize some of the gorgeous historic buildings down there.

I’ve already worked with some of Mady’s siblings, so it was great to see her, AND she brought along her boyfriend Dan for some couples images and some senior shots of him as well. I swear these two are models.

Downtown Vancouver has some great spots that I don’t think many people pay attention to, especially all the murals hidden throughout the streets and alleys. I’ve been slowly taking inventory of them when I walked around from my studio and thought they would work great backdrops. Look at those colors!

While the images you turn into your school for the yearbook are closeups, I love creating images that your family can remember this time with.

Esther Short Park has some great little spots, but I really love the lines along with the brick paving. I think Mady and her Mom did as well.

Speaking of brick, downtown Vancouver has multiple gorgeous, historic buildings still in use, and they have beautiful details. Right around the corner from my studio is the Elks Building. It was built back in 1911 and includes this unique brick layout.

St. James Catholic Church was built in 1885 and is a massive landmark in the downtown area. While usually closed, we wandered by when the courtyard gates were open, so we headed inside to the back area where this stairway and door caught our eye.

Our last stop was the ARTS building. Built in 1928 as a medical building, it now houses a multitude of businesses and the BEST waffle shop in Vancouver. Again, these two just amplified the beauty of the doorway and details along with the building.

Congrats to these two for working hard in two very challenging years of school! I wish you all the best in the future!

Looking to schedule your senior session? Let’s chat!

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Rachel and Kyle’s Engagement Session in Downtown Portland.

Another amazing Murderino I got to work with! I mentioned this in the last post, but I’m a true-crime podcast junkie, and we are called “Murderinos” for listening to My Favorite Murder. It blends true crime with a tad bit of comedy to make the topic a little more palatable. ANYWAYS, Rachel had posted in the group that she was looking for a local engagement photographer, and another photographer friend of mine tagged me in.

After chatting for a bit, Rachel told me that she wanted a downtown Portland engagement, as her wedding would be on the east coast. So this way, she gets the best of both worlds. We met in one of my favorite little spots and headed out.

My favorite place to grab a pint in Portland may be closed, but their patio area is still gorgeous.

I don’t think I captured Rachel with anything but a giant smile on her face. It was either she was delighted to be there, or it was the horrible jokes Kyle was telling her the entire time.

Little cafe with some great string lights? Twirl her!

You ever want a really sweet portrait together, and then you pose and can’t keep a straight face? I think thats a majority of us.

I do believe that Portland has amazing cityscapes….and breweries. Every brewery you walk by down here just has the perfect ambience.

Speaking of ambiance, there are these gorgeous townhomes in the middle of everything in the brewery blocks. The blooming tree helped as well. This is where we pretend that any of us can afford anything like these in that area. They even decided to take a quick break on a gorgeous stoop.

And let’s talk ivy. Personally, it is not growing at my house as it takes over everything. But gorgeous, old brick buildings in the middle of the city? We need more of this.

At the north end of the area, you wind up at a greenspace opening with views of the Fremont bridge and an ancient industrial building. I think it explains Portland wonderfully. Old, mixed with new, and all along a waterscape. I genuinely love doing sessions where we aimlessly wander around and find exquisite backdrops along the way.

Thank you to Rachel and Kyle for being awesome human beings and amazing to work with! Congrats on your upcoming wedding!


Jessica and Ben’s Engagement Session at Cathedral Park

One of the things I listen to while doing all of the things that running a photography business entails (all the non-photographing parts) are true crime podcasts. I’m even in a few local groups where we can talk about the episodes and the cases. Well, not only do we talk about that, but the groups are also used to help find local, like-minded vendors, and THAT is how Jessica and I met.

Jessica and Ben already had booked their wedding photographer, so this was a fun session just with the two of them at Cathedral Park. This park lights up with colorful trees; you just have to plan around the rainstorms that come through. Luckily, we only had a few sprinkles, dodged the major downpours, and found a tree to hide under until it stopped again.

We dropped along the pathways along the bottom to catch more of the trees and the meandering trails through the park.

We followed them down along the beach and under the bridge as is spans across the Willamette river.

The gloomy day added a bit more drama to the portraits. I loved it! Plus, it made Jessica cuddle up to Ben some more as it was getting cold.

Heading back up, we stopped to admire why the park is named Cathedral Park. Look at that architecture, and not to mention, that gorgeous couple.

Walking back up top of the park, you get the classic view that it’s known for. The downside is, its also the most accessible and there are usually some crowds. Luckily, everyone was patient and we all got our turn in the arches.

The Walsh Family at the Cedar Creek Grist Mill.

I’m a little spoiled where I live, I mean, I have the Cedar Creek Grist Mill a short distance from me. So when a client, like the Walsh family, asks for location recommendations, it’s always near the top of my list.

Built in 1876, the mill is now restored and a historical building. They even offer demonstrations on Sundays (when there isn’t a pandemic going on. It’s tucked into a little hollow along Cedar Creek and offers a little hiking trail where you can look at the original water flume, a small fish hatchery, and climb along some rocks and enjoy the water.

The bridge was built much later, 1994, but is a great place to kick off your session.

Also, can we get a moment of appreciation for Neha’s boots! Love them!

Just to the east of the bridge (on the side across from the mill), you not only get a good view of the building, but this amazing old tree that I stop and say hi to every time I’m there. So, of course, it’s a great backdrop for you and your family.

The path back to the fishery also has an area that opens up to a small picnic area and has a cool wooden fence running along the sides.

And of course, a good spot for the little one who just wanted to sit down for a little bit.

Down by the fish hatchery, they laid a log down as a nice bench to sit on and watch the salmon as it goes back upstream. Also, a prefect photo op for the entire family!

Now to my favorite spot. This area requires a little mobility and some solid legs. It’s not a bad area; there are just some boulders to scramble over. But moss-covered rocks, a gorgeous creek, and fall-colored trees all around make a perfect scene. Mom and Dad headed down here with me and let the little one hang out with Grandma for a bit.

We met back up with the little at the top and had some fun swinging her.

One last spot! On the way back towards the bridge, there is a moss-covered stone wall that gets prettier every year. These two might make it even prettier. If you follow me on social media, you’ll also know that Vancouver Family Magazine also thought they were gorgeous and made them cover models.

A huge thank you to the Walsh family that chose me to capture them!

Fall portraits are currently booking up fast, so let’s get yours on the calendar now!

Caroline and Alberto – The Perfect COVID Halloween Wedding.

In late September 2020, I got an email from Caroline asking if I was available a few weeks for a small wedding on Halloween. Normally, I take these holidays off to go out with my daughter, but with COVID sticking around, trick or treating was being done only inside your house. I should also mention that Halloween is one of my favorite days, so it was an instant yes from me.

I met up with Caroline at her hotel as she was getting ready. Alberto was getting ready at another location and was meeting us at their venue, Opal 28. Caroline’s mother was also there helping her get ready.

And Caroline’s dress! Look at her dress! The silver and the sparkles was so gorgeous.

After Caroline was ready, I booked it over to Opal 28 and met up with Alberto to get him all ready for his first look. The venue has a perfect little courtyard for an intimate session.

With the wedding being during the global pandemic, it was a small affair. So we all tucked inside for a their ceremony with just their closest family members.

With this being a small wedding, we quickly breezed through the family photos. It’s nice and easy because everyone is already in the same room and easy to direct.

I then snuck the couple outside to enjoy some quiet time to themselves….and the fall colors! Opal 28 has a little park right around the corner, so it was the perfect spot for some quiet time.

Back at the reception, the party was getting started! Well, as much as we could have had during the restrictions.

Check out their cute details! I had to keep the Halloween theme going with the detail images.

Next to the ceremony room, was where a smaller reception was held. A dance floor was setup fro these two to celebrate their first dance together.

And we ended at them sitting down and enjoying this amazing dessert spread.

Congrats you two!

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The Rath Family

Kids grow FAST, so freezing them in time by photographing them is the perfect way to spend an afternoon. The Rath family did just that last fall with me at the campus at WSU Vancouver. 

And of course, when you book your session with me, I expect you to bring your entire family! I am getting very good at holding/petting your dogs when you want images with just the human members of your family.

The path goes through the field and dips down and over a creek with a cute little wooden bridge.

Because the Pacific Northwest likes to keep us on our toes, this is also the spot that I tend to go to when the drizzle hits for a little bit. The tree cover gives us some decent break from the weather, and we don’t have to pause at all!

Just across the creek are tree-lined pathways that meander back to the main campus. But we found this perfect bench for some family snuggles.

The wooden gate area along Salmon Creek Ave always get the kids climbing, and I get them reluctantly to smile for me at the same time.

It was such a great day hanging out out with the Raths! Thank you do much for choosing me to capture your family!

If you’re looking to book your family session, head on over to my contact page and send me a note!

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Senior Class of 2021

2020 was a ROUGH year. So much happening and changing, that we seem to forget that the younger generation is going through this in what is supposed to be the best of years. The classes of 2020 and 2021 have missed their senior years, prom, and graduation ceremonies.

Let’s make sure to celebrate them and let them know that we are all here for them and rooting them on in their journeys!