The Anderson Family

I love when I get to continuously work with families!

I was lucky enough to capture a Christmas session with Sarra and Chris a few years ago, and then family pictures AND their wedding since then.

This time however, Sarra’s sister was in town and they wanted family pictures with them and all their cousins. So we went out to Moulton Falls Park on a gorgeous summer evening and played along the shore. I even got the kids to look at the camera now and then!

Thank you for choosing me to capture your family as it grows!


A Family Session with the Pignotti Family

Can you believe that Edie and her husband have been married for 50 years?!

This sweet family wanted a quick session out at Klineline park when the whole family was in town. While they originated in Vancouver, WA, they have spread out over the United States but come together now and then.

I love working with amazing families like theirs!


The Walton Family in Forest Park

Have you heard about the old Witches Castle hidden amongst the trees in Portland? Well, the Walton family and I decided to go and check it out.

It turns out; it’s just an old bathroom from the 1930s that fell into disrepair after a storm and the parks department just left it alone. In any case, it makes an excellent spot for family photos!

We hiked down the short, but steep trail to the old stone house and even played in the creek next to it. The water and perfect weather lent to perfect reflections in the water.

And of course, the trees! I am always a fan of going and playing the forest, and so were the energetic boys. Hoping to tire them out, they ran up and down, but even at the top of the trail, they had way more energy left than any of us!

Thank you to the Walton family for meeting up with me again this year and spending a great day out in the park!


2019 Craft Beer and Wine Fest

It’s summer time, which means more outdoor festivals. And if you couldn’t tell, the craft brewing fests are my favorite.

This last weekend I spent some time at the Craft Beer and Wine Fest in downtown Vancouver. It’s different than the Vancouver Brewfest as this has less beer, but adds wineries and distilleries from the area. But I did spend a decent amount of time in the beer garden area.

When I’m not enjoying a craft beer, bourbon is my next choice, and the 4 distilleries there did not disappoint me in that area. I spent Friday night over by them try all the different offerings. It looks like I may be spending some of my free time this summer going to visit them.

As for wineries, I am kind of picky as I am not much of a wine drinker. I am a fan of reds, but not much of the sweet whites. Maryhill did have a few that I enjoyed and I tried everyone of the meads from Author Mead. The marionberry was my favorite.

It was an awesome way to meet some more of the local craft makers and taste what the next up and coming things are.

+ Vancouver wa photographer

Heather and John’s Red Rock Canyon Wedding.

Being my first “official” destination wedding, I came WAY over prepared. I think I purchased 2 more camera batteries, ANOTHER GoPro, all three of my DSLRs, more batteries for them, and cleared off every single one of my SD cards that I have in my inventory (P.S. that’s alot). I didn’t want anything to go wrong and be stranded out here and not be able to capture it. I brought more bags of camera gear than actual clothes, and I only had clothes in my checked luggage as my Husband and I split all of my camera gear between our carry ons.

Luckily, it all went way smoother than I had planned and I may be addicted to adventure and destination weddings…….

On the morning of May 4th, started at their Airbnb to capture them getting ready and packing up to head out to the park. The boys were mostly prepared when we arrived, but the girls were hanging out and relaxing while everyone was getting their hair and makeup done.

So I used this time to get a few of the little details.

Heathers Mom helped her get into her gorgeously detailed dress.

John and the boys loaded into their van and headed out to the park while we finished up inside.

On their way out, we had talked about meeting just outside the park for a few shots, but when we got there, they were no where to be found. Luckily, they were in our second location, Calico Canyon.

Both Heather and John enjoy rock climbing, so his was the perfect location for their first look. John was busy talking with his best man, so the gals had to continue to yell at him to turn around.

The canyon also gave us a dramatic background for some of their portraits. These two strapped on their climbing shoes and went all over the place. Heather had no issue getting up and down the rocks in her dress (after some small adjustments).

Red Rock Canyon has a 1-way road that snakes through the park. My husband and I had driven it the day before and marked up a map with a spot that we thought would work really great for images.

In the middle of the route lies the highest point you can drive to. Red Rock Canyon overlook gives you a fantastic look at the park that is nestled in between all of the colorful mountains.

So we shot some of the wedding party images from up there while we enjoyed the view.

One of the busiest parts of the park on this day was Ice Box Canyon. We couldn’t really get into the parking lot, so we parked along the side of the road and used the views.

The last spot before we headed to the visitor center for the ceremony was Pine Creek Canyon.

We packed back up and headed over to the visitors center to get things ready for the ceremony.

Friends and family from all over came here to see this sweet couple.

The ceremony started was held in the amphitheater of the visitors center overlooking the park. It’s kind of hidden which gave us a secluded spot for their ceremony.

Their friend officiated the wedding that was surrounded by views of the park and the sun peeking in and out of the clouds. Luckily, this was May, so while it did not get too hot, we are still Pacific Northwesterners, and anything above 75 is hot to us.

Tears were shed during the vows. You may not be able to see them, but we had a mic rigged up on the officiant…and you can definitely hear them.

After a small fluke of John still wearing a ring on his left hand, everything went smoothly.

Before we left for the reception, we gathered everyone and did their formal images.

But of course we couldn’t go without getting some fun ones, those are the best ones.

We had a small amount of time before the reception. So the husband and I swang by our hotel room, dropped off all of the excess gear and jumped the monorail up to the Paris on the central Las Vegas Strip.

Being May 4th, I am so happy that they decided to throw a little Star Wars reference in with everything. I was actually planning on bringing my lightsabers, but with everything else packed, there wasn’t room (enter sad face here).

One of the sweetest parts of the reception was when one of their daughters got up and read the sweet speech she had written. As you can see, Heather and John were so proud.

So many great speeches from everyone.

And of course, the cake. These two were nice to each other, even though others were goading them not to be.

The rest of the evening was spent hanging out with the friends and family that came into Las Vegas to see these two finally get hitched.

Congratulations you two, and I look forward to grabbing some brews and hanging out some more!

If you missed it, you can see their session in the Neon Museum the night before here.


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Heather and John in the Neon Sign Museum – Las Vegas, Nevada

The Las Vegas Neon Sign Museum is one of those coveted spots us photographers can only dream about photographing in. Luckily, Heather and John are so amazing, they made it happen.

Being such an opportunity to work in a place like this, my nerves were high to get everything right. Luckily we had great weather, my hand dandy assistant, and two amazing people to work with.

destination wedding photographer in portland oregon

I grew up going to Las Vegas to visit my Uncle, and so my parents could enjoy a night and leave my brother and me to wander the hotels on the strip by ourselves. Over the years, I’ve gone back for my honeymoon, a family wedding, and most recently to the WPPI conference where thousands of photographer all over the globe come together. There have been groups of us photogs trying to get into this coveted museum to shoot, but get turned away. Reservations and fees keep casual visits to us using our cell phones only inside. de.

However, Heather knew about this and got everything in line. All I had to do was bring my gear (and my handy assistant Husband) along and create some magic.

We had half an hour to ourselves in the side gallery to do what we pleased, as long as we didn’t climb on the signs or cross the rock barrier.

We soon found out that John was an expert at twirling, where as Heather, was not.

The sun was setting fast behind the signs as we walked around, but the skies had just amount of clouds to gives us perfect light and a gorgeous sky.

After a few more twirling and dipping attempts, we found a gentleman with quite the amazing mustache.

Vancouver wa photographer

Our time in the museum was short, but we had a great time and a perfect way for us to end the evening before their wedding!

My husband and I packed up the gear, headed back to the hotel, and started charging and gearing everything up for a day in the desert the next day. I may have even popped open a beer and started editing this session as I was way too excited to just leave them be.

Next up, their wedding in Red Rocks State park! Stay tuned next week!

+ Vancouver, WA Photographer

A Thank you to the Clark County CERT Volunteers

I had the honor to capture the yearly banquet for the Clark County CERT volunteers again this year. These are the people that donate their time to help our numerous emergency operations around Clark County.

Thank you to all of the organizations that keep our community strong!

  • Citizen Corps
  • Amateur Radio Emergency Service
  • Community Emergency Response Team
  • Medical Reserve Corps
  • Vancouver police’s Neighbors on Watch
  • Volunteers in Public Service
  • Vancouver Fire Department’s Fire Corps
  • Search and Rescue

If I missed any others on the list, I am sorry! There are so many amazing people in this community that give their time to help others.

You can read the Columbian’s write up on it here!

Thank you again.