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A Brewery Engagement with Dani and Travis

Nothing like grabbing a pint at your favorite brewpub while having your engagement images captured!

Dani and Travis joined me at my studio in the Academy in downtown Vancouver, WA and then we headed up to their favorite spot to grab a drink, Brothers Cascadia.

Starting at the historic building located on the Academy grounds, the old brick is always one of my favorites.

And I will never complain if you bring your furry friends along. I love how their dog was always wanting to be in the middle of them both. It made for some great portraits with him involved.

Being December, the rain came along so we thought why not utilize the porch right outside my windows. The Academy was built in 1871 by Mother Joseph and has a big part of Vancouver’s history. So I love being able to include the bricks an architecture where I can. Including the spiral staircase inside and the awesome from the entrance.

And you know if there is rain, we are going to go play in it.

After playing around in the rain, we packed up and headed up for some drinks at Brothers Cascadia in Hazel Dell.

The brewery was gracious enough to let us play around (as long as we didn’t crash someone’s good time) and even gave the newlywed couple some pints to pose with…and drink.

We were able to shoot at one of the tables lined with all of their barrels as well as utilize the loft they have above the bar. I have always lvoed the looks of old barrels, so it framed Dani’s gorgeous opal ring perfectly.

A HUGE thank you to the staff and manager there that let us do this. We didn’t interfere with anyone else AND the couple got a few congratulations along the way!

Congratulations to Dani and Travis!

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Vancouver Lake Family Session with the McNichol Family

The McNichol family met me out at Vancouver Lake for an early winter family session with their newest member! My mini sessions are a great way to get your images for your holiday cards and just capture all of the life stages.

I love the paths lined with trees out there. Even if there is a little bit of rain, we can still hide away and keep everyone happy. Unfortunately, the weather was classic Northwest and the clouds decided to hide Mount Hood from us. Otherwise, you have a clear view and a gorgeous back drop from this vantage point.

Luckily, the little one only complained about a few of the poses, so was quite happy for a majority of the session. But after a bit, she just wanted to get out of the cold. I love capturing new families and all their sweetness. This age does not last long, so make sure to get all of the pictures you can.

Congratulations to Lauren and David on their newest addition and thank you for choosing me to capture you!

Missy Fant is a wedding, portrait, and event photographer located in Vancouver, WA.

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Senior Session with Alex

Congratulations to Alex on his senior year at Heritage High School!

Alex, his mom, and brother met me at the trail that goes around the WSU campus in Salmon Creek.  I knew the rain was coming, but I thought it was at least going to give us a little bit of time.

Started near the trailhead and worked our way over to the little bridge. Just when we hit the tree cover, the downpour started. It wasn’t our usual drizzle all day type of rain; we were getting SOAKED. Vancouver, WA Senior Photographer_1218

Luckily there was a decent amount of tree cover to get a few shots.

Because of the rain, we decided that continuing this session on another day might be the best option.

So a few weekends later we met up at my studio in downtown Vancouver, WA. I’ve been located in the Academy building for a few years now, and it never fails for backdrops. It dated back to about 1873 and was one of the original buildings left of the cities original history.  It was the convent for the Sisters of Providence and also an all-girls Catholic school but now houses plenty of small businesses and a wedding chapel.

There is a building that is boarded up and has ivy and moss growing all over the gorgeous brick. It is one of my favorite backdrops here.

Luckily, we didn’t get soaked this time around and had some fun goofing around the old property.

Vancouver, WA Senior Photographer_1227

Congratulations again to Alex on his senior year and hopefully he won’t become a Husky and disappoint his mom’s alma mater.

The Standley Family at the New Vancouver Waterfront!

Have you been to the new waterfront walkway we have here in Vancouver, WA? My first time down there was to meet the Standley family for a fun portrait session.

It was a perfect fall day here in the northwest with blue skies, but with that, we did get the cold wind. That did not stop this high energy family!

Vancouver WA Photographer_1177

There is a new walkway that jettison’s over the water and lends to some great views. As one that is hesitant of water, I was quite ok with this one.

Vancouver WA Photographer_1174

On the central part of the walkway, they created a structural brace piece that was very sail-like to go along with the river. It gave us a little hiding spot from the sun and a different backdrop. So of course, Matt and Tallen had to play around on them as well.

The pathway that goes east from the main area is lined with smaller trees and opens up into the original amphitheater. The amphitheater also happens to be where Jay proposed to Peggy!


I am so happy that I get to continuously work with this fantastic family. First, it was Bailee and Matt’s wedding, and next up is Tallen and Elizabeth’s wedding next year. I can’t wait to hang out with them again!

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A Sweet Family Session with the Bucks.

I first met Holly and Jeff when they booked me for their wedding two years ago. There was an instant click in our personalities and we’ve been working together ever since.
Last year we were up in the snow as they were just about to add to their family. This year, little Kyler was along for the fun.
Vancouver, WA Photographer_1167
Look at him! Isn’t he perfect? Lots of little laughs and just curious about everything. Almost sitting, wanting to move about and become the troublemaker I genuinely believe he can be 😉
Laurelhurst Park offered a spectacular fall backdrop for this little family. And can we talk about the trees there? Stunning, just like these three.


The day was perfect to walk around the park and hang out. I have always loved the staircase there. 

Thank you to this perfect family for letting me capture you as your family grows!

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Thankfulness 2018

It has been a long and busy year, and I wanted to take a quick break from the usual blog to say thank you to the amazing people in both my personal and professional life.

First of all. I have to say thank you to my family. They are the ones who put up with me in the crazy season. Late nights, in and out of the house, and days where I just want to sit in our forest and not leave. Without them, this whole photography dream would not be possible.

That’s my beautiful daughter on our beach vacation this year. The other is my best friend, my husband, and I in the rain at Alice in Chains. At least we had a beer to make it through the storm (and Bush)!


One of my most significant bumps has been my social anxiety. I am usually the one that hides in the corner and waits for people to approach me. But this year, I have pushed myself to go to more local networking meetings and found some fantastic people that have really helped me.

Once a month, Brianna (with BMW Photography) and I hold a little gathering of other female photographers in our area. We talk about what we’ve done that has worked and had a general topic every month to help each other out. I have met some amazing women through that group and a vast referral network!


Two of them, Rachel of Rachel Konsella Photography, and Annie with Vivid Reveal have really become great people to bounce ideas off each other. We even recently spent a day in the gorge helping Annie and of course, drinking beer.




To the Vancouver Brewfest, Storm City Roller Girls, and Candlelighters for Children with Cancer.   Thank you so much for letting me be involved with the fantastic work that you do and allowing our relationship to continue. I genuinely love working and capturing your events and how you give back to our communities.




And lastly, I would be nowhere without my awesome clients and supporters. Thank you so much for believing in what I do and continually making it so I can continue. I would seriously be nowhere without you.


Here’s to you! Cheers!


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Storm City Roller Girls vs. Chaos Theory

Thanks for the great game on Saturday!