Tara and Andrew’s Engagement at Cathedral Park in Portland, Oregon

Cathedral Park has been one of my most requested locations in the Portland, OR area; it’s also one of my favorites, especially in the fall.

The funny thing here is that the fall colors are so hard to track! In one part of the city, the trees would be lit up with color, the other, still green, and another, all the leaves are off the trees. So this day, we hit the jackpot! I went back two weeks later, and all the color was gone.

Cathedral Park is also known for its architecture.

While most go for the arches, I LOVE the stairs.

And if you didn’t know, bridges go over water (get it? that’s sarcasm btw), so you can get the natural colors, architecture, AND a lovely walk along a beach as well. Hidden along the waterfront is a “Love” sign as well!

As we were wrapping up, I found out a little secret! It’s been a while, so I’m in the clear; they had just eloped! With the pandemic still going, they went ahead and made it official.

Congrats to these two theater nerds!


Shirley and Mike’s Engagement Session at Trillium Lake

While we’re all locked inside due to winter weather, why not relive some of the gorgeous summer days we had here in the Pacific Northwest.

Shirley booked with me for their engagement session but was looking for a scenic spot. Luckily, I have a list of my own dream locations to photograph and send it over. Trillium Lake is just a mile or so past Government Camp on Mount Hood, so not terribly far from the Portland area, but just enough to feel like you’re breaking away from everything.

I had only hiked into Trillium years ago while training SAR, and it was a winter snowshoe, so we both got a little mixed up when we got there due to the campground and two day-use areas. I finally found the one I was looking for! Just drive all the way down to the dam area and BAM, a gorgeous view.

Off to the east, a boardwalk goes along the lake and over some of the more swampy areas. It’s also surrounded by the gorgeous greenery we have here.

We wrapped up the session with the tiny bridge directly in front of Mount Hood. Mike suggested it as I was trying to figure out how to get the angle. There is nothing like sitting in the middle of a road to get the perfect shot.

These two are getting hitched at a castle in Ireland, so I won’t be photographing their wedding, but I am so happy that I got to work with them for this engagement session!

Adding new spots in my adventure journal in hopes to photograph more couples in places like this!

I did head back up with a friend aa few weekends later and grabbed one of their very limited first come campsites along the lake. It was absolutely gorgeous, but there was also a campfire ban at the time and nighttime was freezing even in August! So next time, my kayak and my portable camp heater are coming with!

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Jess and Taylor’s Engagement at Peninsula Park in Portland, OR

One of my favorite things about driving around the Portland metro area is that I keep finding new, gorgeous spots.

Peninsula Park had been on my list to check out for a bit, so when Jess booked her engagement session with me, I threw it into the list of recommendations. It seems like she liked it as well!

It was a gorgeous summer day in the Pacific Northwest, which meant that it was a little warmer It was a gorgeous summer day in the Pacific Northwest, which meant that it was a little warmer than what we are used to here. So just a few shots in the sun and then hiding amongst the park’s edges to keep in the shade.

A majority of the roses in the middle of the park had gone, but we were lucky enough to find a few still in bloom.

And these TREES! Look at these trees!

Jess and Taylor are getting married far away, but I am lucky enough to work with them since they decided to photograph their engagement session while visiting Portland. Congrats, you two!

Emily and Josh’s Wedding at Trinity Pines | La Center, WA

We lucked out on gorgeous weather in the middle of May this year. Emily and Josh picked the PERFECT day to tie the knot!

I’m back at the exquisite Trinity Pines to capture the celebration of these two.

The nerves were full bore, so both were just about ready for their first look when I got there. I did sneak in some quick images with Emily getting ready.

Once ready, we stepped outside and found some shade to keep everyone away from the heat, hoping to get some of those nerves taken away! We started with Emily’s first look with her Dad.

And then we brought out Josh. Also note, I’m loving the kilts!

With first looks, it takes a lot of the pressure that makes people nervous away! It also helps with the timeline as we can get more portraits done before the ceremony, which gives you more time to party afterward! I always want to make sure that while we want to capture your entire wedding day, we don’t take you away from enjoying your wedding day either.

Plus, you get more hangout time with your wedding party. Even if that means you want to create a metal album cover with your groomsmen.

Trinity Pines has such a stunning backdrop for ceremonies!

While we got some family and wedding party images done before the ceremony, we always recommend to hang around after the ceremony to get in those important family members that came for the ceremony.

Look at those legs!

We rolled from the portraits, to dinner, and then speeches!

And more teary eye moments with the dances.

While the guests were hitting the dance floor, I snuck the couple out for some golden hour portraits along the property.

While we were out, the venue got it ready for the cake cutting, garter toss, shoe game and flower toss.

The rest of the night, the dance floor was packed, and everyone was having a great time! When it came time to leave, they all lined up to make sure Emily and Josh had a perfect ending to their night.

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Daphne and Jesse’s Elopement in the Columbia Gorge

COVID puts a strain on many things, like big parties to celebrate with your loved ones. But that did not seem to deter Daphne and Jesse. I got an inquiry from Daphne’s mother about a quick elopement at Latourell Falls. With it being one of my favorite spots along waterfall alley in the Columbia Gorge, it was a fast yes from me!

Just a tiny group of their loved ones and these two with the gorgeous waterfall behind them. What a spot to get married!

Jesse was so nervous waiting for Daphne, he was talking to me the entire time as I tried to calm his nerves. You can see it in his face as she came down the aisle!

The ceremony was absolutely beautiful.

Once the ceremony ended, we took a few family images and group shots before most of them headed back to Portland for a dinner celebration.

The entire area of the main waterfall creates a perfect backdrop for any type of photography. I would be lying if it wasn’t my dream to photograph a fantastic couple like these two there.

Congratulations to Jesse and Daphne!

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Aysha and Skylar’s Summer Engagement Session

When an engaged couple is just in town for a few days before they fly back to universities, you meet them as soon as you can for en engagement session! Not to mention, the engagement happened just days before at this exact venue.

When you book a wedding at Trinity Pines, they let you use their gorgeous venue for your engagement session as well. Just a few days before this session, their families were there for a get together and Skylar officially proposed!

Check out this gorgeous couple! Can’t wait to photographer them here at this venue next summer!

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Nikki and John’s Wedding at Trinity Pines.

With 2020 behind us, it was so nice to kick off 2021 with weddings again! Of course, with Trinity Pines being outdoors, it was much easier to follow the COVID protocols and watch Nikki, JM, and their friends have a good time!

Both Nikki and John are in the military, so there are certain things that you’ll see throughout, primarily the color scheme of red, white, and blue.

Vancouver wa photographer

The large suite for the bride to get ready in is perfect for spending time with the bridal party and relaxing.

Vancouver wa photographer

While I was with Nikki getting ready, my associate, Jen, headed down the road to get a few of John Morgan and his crew. And also set up for the first look.

The long driveway shrouded in trees makes the perfect spot for the first look—plenty of room for the couple to move around and build the drama of the moment. Not to mention, on a hot day, everyone stays cool!

I also like to use this spot for any portraits before the ceremony. It keeps everyone hidden from the main areas.

Besides, doing as many formal portraits before the ceremony as possible makes it so much easier to get the party started!

Once we got all the family involved, we sent them back to hideaway and set up the ceremony. When you have two photographers and a videographer, it’s always good to coordinate to ensure we all get what we need without photobombing each other.

The lines started forming and we got to work!

When it came to the ring bearer and flower person, we were in for a TREAT. JP’s brothers did NOT disappoint. A mix of Mission Impossible and some sass.

And then came Nikki.

Vancouver wa photographer

A gorgeous ceremony with both of them fighting back some tears.

We stayed around the ceremony area to sign the marriage certificate and get all the family into the images. Trinity Pines has so many gorgeous locations that are very well kept.

As military members, you HAVE to have your grand entrance with swords.

Vancouver wa wedding photographer

After ensuring that the bride and groom filled their plates, we stole their rings and bouquet for some classic ring shots.

Vancouver wa wedding photographer

After the food was devoured, up came the speeches! The best man, maid of honor, and the parents all made sure to embarrass them as much as possible.

And, of course, the cake cutting….with the sword! Nikki and JM were just a little bit mean on this one.

We moved to the dances after they got a little bit cleaned up.

Jen and I snuck the couple outside to the tall grass for some alone time as the sunset. We brought along two of JP’s military friends to respectfully handle the flag for us.

Vancouver wa wedding photographer

Back inside, we jumped straight to the bouquet toss!

Vancouver wa wedding photographer

The garter toss had some added humor to it. Tv remotes, Baby Yoda, and the boys hitting the ground when the actual garter was tossed.

Jen and I had so much fun capturing this wedding and getting back into the flow off everything!

Thank you Nikki and JP for being so awesome to work with, we wish you all the happiness!

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Mady and Dan’s Senior Session in Downtown Vancouver, WA

One of the first things I always ask the seniors that book with me is, “what kind of backdrop do you want?”. I have quick access to so many locations where I am located, but when they say urban, just walking around the blocks from my studio works excellent. Not to mention, we get to utilize some of the gorgeous historic buildings down there.

I’ve already worked with some of Mady’s siblings, so it was great to see her, AND she brought along her boyfriend Dan for some couples images and some senior shots of him as well. I swear these two are models.

Downtown Vancouver has some great spots that I don’t think many people pay attention to, especially all the murals hidden throughout the streets and alleys. I’ve been slowly taking inventory of them when I walked around from my studio and thought they would work great backdrops. Look at those colors!

While the images you turn into your school for the yearbook are closeups, I love creating images that your family can remember this time with.

Esther Short Park has some great little spots, but I really love the lines along with the brick paving. I think Mady and her Mom did as well.

Speaking of brick, downtown Vancouver has multiple gorgeous, historic buildings still in use, and they have beautiful details. Right around the corner from my studio is the Elks Building. It was built back in 1911 and includes this unique brick layout.

St. James Catholic Church was built in 1885 and is a massive landmark in the downtown area. While usually closed, we wandered by when the courtyard gates were open, so we headed inside to the back area where this stairway and door caught our eye.