Sometimes being the coolest kid in your class means simply being yourself. Whether you’re a varsity athlete or a committed clarinetist, your senior session should represent who you are, right now, heading into your senior year. Future you will be so happy you did.

Are you worried about getting in front of the camera? What to do with your hands? I’ll be there to guide you and make sure the whole experience is fun and that your portraits turn out awesome.

Down to the details: we’ll start with a consultation to make sure we set up the perfect session. On the day of your shoot, we will head over to the location that fits best for you, so your session is fun, comfortable and brings out your personality.

If you are looking for a family portrait session, please head over to our family session page for more info.

Click on my calendar below to schedule your session!



30 Minute Session

5 Digital Images

Online Gallery

$50 Print Credit



60 Minute Session

10 Digital Images

Online Gallery

$100 Print Credit



60 Minute Session

20 Digital Images

Online Gallery

$200 Print Credit


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