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Ian and Jamie contacted me a few short weeks before their wedding saying that their current photographer had just backed out of the wedding. Scrambling to get someone up there, one of my current clients sent them over to me hoping that I would have the date open. We were all in luck! It was just before my season kicked into high gear and I had that date open.

Lucky for me, my friend and studio partner had the date open too! We loaded up the car in early June and headed up to Chehalis, WA.

The Barn on Jackson is this amazing venue with a rustic old barn, fields of flowing grass, and farmhouse surrounded by amazing landscaping.

It turned out to be the hottest day of the year, but we had packed up the back of the car with as many vessels of water that I could find at home. It may of looked like were were chugging beer from multiple growlers in my trunk, but my husband had loaded them all up with ice cold water. It kept us relaxed and going all day.

The girls got ready in a small room off in one of the out buildings, and Jamie had a fan going on her dress from about the minute she put it on.

The boys’ room had beer bottles, darts, and barely anyone in it. They were out helping set things up.

The wedding was held in the shade of the barn with the field in the background, and the reception was held in the barn. It stayed cool in there pretty much all day, and if people got too hot, the downstairs held a great bar that was basically a root cellar.

Once the sun started setting, we stole them to go take some portraits in the field as people were starting to wander outside more and enjoy many of the yard games and some whiffle ball!

It was an amazing wedding and I am glad that we were there to capture it!.


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