Wahclella Falls Elopement | Steve and Tricia

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Tricia and Steve contacted me about a year prior to her elopement after seeing some of my waterfall images online. They actually live in Washington D.C. but were coming out to the Columbia River Gorge to get married.

They were an adventurous couple that loved hiking and spending time outdoors. So naturally, they wanted a gorgeous setting for their private ceremony. They had already chosen Wahclella Falls as their location from seeing multiple images online from other weddings, but we added Government Cove in there for a great spot for images as well.

When the day came I grabbed my friend, and studio partner, Brianna and we headed to Cascade Locks.

This trail is usually PACKED on gorgeous summer days, the trailhead parking lot was still full, but since it was actually a Tuesday, we found some closer spots.

If you have never been to this trail, do it! I have hiked it in multiple seasons, and while i is rated as kid friendly, it gets a little slick after it rains, so be careful of the littles then.

The trail is only about a mile, but it brings you along a gorgeous creek with multiple spots to stop and take in the scenery. Near the end, there is two wooden bridges that give you spots to stop and take in the waterfalls around you.

In late spring, there is so much water, that a lower viewpoint near the falls with get you soaked, so we opted for a higher viewpoint that gave us both the view and the chance to keep the couple dry.

The Wedding Judge met us and we had a gorgeous ceremony with Wahclella roaring away in the background.

After the ceremony, we hit the lower portion of the falls and Brianna got a gorgeous shot of the couple in the waterfall mist.

We stopped a few times on the hike back to get some trail images and hide the rings amongst all the moss. The shots reminded me of the one ring (more like 2 in this case) in the Lord of the Rings.

We all got into our cars at the trailhead and headed up to the town of Cascade Locks. The road to Government Cove is kind tricky if you aren’t paying attention.

The pacific northwest amazes me, one minute your in a much green gorge with an amazing waterfall, while 10 minutes down the road you’re on an island in the Columbia River with a  desert like plateau.

Government Cove is an (almost) island with a cliff face and access up to it via a trail. The area itself is pretty small, but the views and amount of texture differences that you can achieve here is amazing! It is quickly becoming a HUGE hit with the local photographers.

We hung out here with Steve and Tricia for a bit getting as much as we wanted. We had them up on the cliff, I was shooting them below for my wide angle landscapes, as Brianna was working her magic on the close in portraits up above.

We had an amazing time with these two in the gorge and were so happy to work with them.

On the way out of town, we even stopped by the local burger and ice cream joint (if you’re seen the movie Wild, you know the one) and headed back to town.



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