Women In Film | Film Doc Camp at Silver Falls Park

Event Photography Women In Film (8 of 35)

Documenting events is something that I enjoy. Being able to tell a story in images and allowing the participants to go back to those days they spent there.

I was invited the incredible opportunity to capture the Women in Film Documentary Camp at Silver Falls Park. I got to meet some people doing some amazing story telling along with other film professionals that were there to teach others how to build what they need to succeed.

Lots of workshops, screenings of documentaries currently in the works, and industry camaraderie meant to build each other up instead of dragging each other down.

I want to personally thank Amanda, the President of Women in Film for allowing me to come and capture what you do. I learned some great aspects of storytelling and picked up a few pieces of video gear to start building my stories. I’ll never be able to tell a story as they can, but I can at least try, right?



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