How to Rock Your Family Session

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It’s that time of year again!

Cold nights, colorful trees, and the time that us photographers get all excited for capturing families.

This is the time that most of you get all dressed up and meet us at your favorite spots for to capture your family for the perfect holiday card. I absolutely LOVE this time of year. I get to see the clients that come back every year and meet new ones that I hope will build the same tradition with me.

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Letting families interact and have fun together is my favorite way to capture them, but some helpful tips may help you and your family’s session go more smooth.


Let the Kids Be Crazy.
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I believe that letting the kids run around and have fun enables me to capture their true selves. The genuine smiles of children are the best, and I try to stay away from them yelling “cheese!”

For the posed family images, I try to have everyone give me their best smiles for the first few photos. Then, of course, their silliest faces for the last few. That way, the kids are still relaxed and having fun, even when they think family portraits are boring.

Find a Location That is You
Vancouver wa family photographer

Unfamiliar places can make kids feel uncomfortable and out of place. By choosing a location that they are familiar with and love, it will ensure that they will be more at ease.

Dress For The Weather

While putting together cute outfits for the whole family is fun, it can also add more stress. With the weather getting colder, it’s smart to pick out warmer clothing that will keep everyone comfortable during the time of your session. I mean who can smile when their teeth are chattering!

Fill the Bellies!

Just like the cold, an empty belly can lead to more sad faces than happy ones. Even if you just ate lunch, try to bring along some snacks to keep all the littles happy!

The list is short and sweet, but hopefully, it will keep your family sessions full of happy and fun memories.


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