Candlelighters For Children With Cancer -Harvest of Hope

Vancouver WA Photographer

Candlelighters of Oregon help provide services to help out entire families as their children fight the horrible disease that is cancer. It is an amazing foundation that I am proud to be associated with.

From their website:

“In 1977, five families banded together in the wake of childhood cancer diagnosis to form a community of hope, healing and light.  Forty years later, that legacy continues to shine serving over 80,000 family members since inception in Oregon & SW Washington.  2017 marks the 15th anniversary of Harvest of Hope, the annual gala of Candlelighters For Children With Cancer.  Bringing together over 300 individuals from Oregon and SW Washington’s philanthropic community in 2016 to raise $170,000 to support local families through every step of the pediatric cancer journey.

The annual gala features silent and live auction bidding, raffles, entertainment, fine food and wine, and inspiring stories of hope and resilience from families in the pediatric cancer community.”

I had the immense privledge of photographing their 40th anniversaey and auction dirung theie Harvest of Hope.

If you would like to read more about the foundation and/or donate, please head over to their website here to see more!

Cancer is one of the reasons I got into photography. My father was diagnosed with colon cancer when my daughter was 2. It spread and became terminal. I had a DSLR that I was playing around with, but it wasn’t an obsession like it is now.

After he was diagnosed, I promised myself to take as many images of him, my daughter, and my niece as possible. I wanted them to remember him.

When he passed, I retreated to one of the places that he and my family spent a lot of time in, the forest. I explored and took images of the areas that we went, and new places to keep his adventurous and exploring mind going. It became a way for me to cope with the loss. Seven years later it still helps.

One of the things that he embedded in me as I grew up was that giving people your time is one of the best gifts that you could provide. He was always helping others in any way he could. As a licensed electrician he rewired our church, replaced aging wires in our pastor’s house, and was always helping who he could with his trade. I am proud that I have a skill that I can donate to others and capture the memories of their loved ones for them to cherish forever.

If you are involved with a non-profit and would like to have us capture your event. Please head over to our contact page and tell us about what you do!


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