I’ve been a little quiet lately

Vancouver, WA Boudoir Photographer

So, I’ve been a little quiet on my blog lately, but there is a good reason and I can know officially announce it.

I have launched a boudoir side business!

I still love capturing weddings and families, I just decided that boudoir would work better if I seperated it from my main brand.

Self esteem issues are huge with us females. However, I ‘ve realized while shooting boudoir, what an amazing pickup it has been to my clients! I have fallen inlove with the sense of empowerment that a boudoir or glamour shoot gives people. I mean whats not to fall in love with being able to boost the self esteem of such amazing ladies!

I registered a name for that side of my business back in 2014, Wonder Women Boudoir, with the idea of empowerment. I was just, of course, second guessing myself if I was good enough for boudoir yet. This year I made the decision to get it up and running by December. I started back in the summer time with a graphic designer and some ideas. October was spent with mini sessions of amazing women who agreed to be on my public portoflio, and here I am, a month ahead of schedule launching it all!

My studio located in the Academy lends a perfect backdrop for the fine art boudoir style that I love.

So come join me down in the studio and let me capture your gorgeous self.

Please, come follow me as well over on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wonderwomenboudoir/

and on my new website for boudoir:



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