A Portland Bridgeport Brewing Wedding with Ashley and Kevin

Heathman Hotel Wedding

Portland in January is exactly what you think it is, dark and rainy. But that doesn’t deter me from capturing amazing people getting married, especially when Bridgeport brewery is involved!

Ashley and Kevin were getting ready at the Heathman Hotel and then having their ceremony and reception at Bridgeport Brewing, which I got super excited for as its a mix of two things I love. Capturing weddings and beer.

We met in the lobby of the Heathman for a sweet first look and their family formals.

 Heathman Hotel Wedding

We then heading out front which is where the giant Portland sign is all lit up outside the Arlene Schnitzer concert hall. With the help of a fantastic limo driver, we stopped traffic and did what our mothers told us not to do, play in the street. My assistant Eleanor ran the light stand back and forth as we posed and lit this iconic scene up!

Portland Wedding Photographer
Nothing like stopping traffic!

We went around to the side street as the rain started to come down. We prepared and broke out the umbrellas. The couple and bridesmaids stayed dry, the groomsmen and us, not so much.

A few more formals inside the hotel and we were off to Bridgeport for the ceremony.

When you enter Bridgeport, there’s a neat bar upstairs, and off to the side of that is a great event space. Ashley and Kevin had that setup for their ceremony with tables on both sides with the aisle in the middle.

A sweet ceremony that included Kevin giving his daughter Claire a sweet locket (which she showed off to me later)

After the ceremony, we snuck downstairs into the brewery itself and all these two wanted to do was makeout in between the fermenters (i’m kidding, kind of, I made them make out in between the fermenters. =) )

Portland Wedding Photographer

Back inside, dinner was waiting! As usual, they eat, and I steal their rings and start capturing all the little details.

Next up, dancing!

There was an area up by the bar and right in front of the DJ where the dancing started. With is being a darker venue, I set up my lights and the dance floor opened.

Pie anyone? I am LOVING that pies are becoming a popular choice for the couples. These looked delicious. I think Ashley and Kevin agreed.

Portland Wedding Photographer

The bouquet toss was super cute, as the gals held up Claire either in protection from the bouquet, or a better chance of her catching it.

And NO one wanted to catch the garter,

Oh, look! There’s a bar; you guys should all get some drinks and smile like you’re happy about that.

Portland Wedding Photographer

The dance floor opened up, and the DJ was great. Lots of fun moments that I snuck into the video for this wedding. So make sure to view it!

Ashley and Kevin were a perfect match for each other, as well as me! I am so happy that they picked me to shoot their wedding.

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