Thankfulness 2018


It has been a long and busy year, and I wanted to take a quick break from the usual blog to say thank you to the amazing people in both my personal and professional life.

First of all. I have to say thank you to my family. They are the ones who put up with me in the crazy season. Late nights, in and out of the house, and days where I just want to sit in our forest and not leave. Without them, this whole photography dream would not be possible.

That’s my beautiful daughter on our beach vacation this year. The other is my best friend, my husband, and I in the rain at Alice in Chains. At least we had a beer to make it through the storm (and Bush)!


One of my most significant bumps has been my social anxiety. I am usually the one that hides in the corner and waits for people to approach me. But this year, I have pushed myself to go to more local networking meetings and found some fantastic people that have really helped me.

Once a month, Brianna (with BMW Photography) and I hold a little gathering of other female photographers in our area. We talk about what we’ve done that has worked and had a general topic every month to help each other out. I have met some amazing women through that group and a vast referral network!


Two of them, Rachel of Rachel Konsella Photography, and Annie with Vivid Reveal have really become great people to bounce ideas off each other. We even recently spent a day in the gorge helping Annie and of course, drinking beer.




To the Vancouver Brewfest, Storm City Roller Girls, and Candlelighters for Children with Cancer.   Thank you so much for letting me be involved with the fantastic work that you do and allowing our relationship to continue. I genuinely love working and capturing your events and how you give back to our communities.




And lastly, I would be nowhere without my awesome clients and supporters. Thank you so much for believing in what I do and continually making it so I can continue. I would seriously be nowhere without you.


Here’s to you! Cheers!


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