Senior Session with Alex

Vancouver WA Photographer

Congratulations to Alex on his senior year at Heritage High School!

Alex, his mom, and brother met me at the trail that goes around the WSU campus in Salmon Creek.  I knew the rain was coming, but I thought it was at least going to give us a little bit of time.

Started near the trailhead and worked our way over to the little bridge. Just when we hit the tree cover, the downpour started. It wasn’t our usual drizzle all day type of rain; we were getting SOAKED. Vancouver, WA Senior Photographer_1218

Luckily there was a decent amount of tree cover to get a few shots.

Because of the rain, we decided that continuing this session on another day might be the best option.

So a few weekends later we met up at my studio in downtown Vancouver, WA. I’ve been located in the Academy building for a few years now, and it never fails for backdrops. It dated back to about 1873 and was one of the original buildings left of the cities original history.  It was the convent for the Sisters of Providence and also an all-girls Catholic school but now houses plenty of small businesses and a wedding chapel.

There is a building that is boarded up and has ivy and moss growing all over the gorgeous brick. It is one of my favorite backdrops here.

Luckily, we didn’t get soaked this time around and had some fun goofing around the old property.

Vancouver, WA Senior Photographer_1227

Congratulations again to Alex on his senior year and hopefully he won’t become a Husky and disappoint his mom’s alma mater.

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