The Walton Family in Forest Park

Have you heard about the old Witches Castle hidden amongst the trees in Portland? Well, the Walton family and I decided to go and check it out.

It turns out; it’s just an old bathroom from the 1930s that fell into disrepair after a storm and the parks department just left it alone. In any case, it makes an excellent spot for family photos!

We hiked down the short, but steep trail to the old stone house and even played in the creek next to it. The water and perfect weather lent to perfect reflections in the water.

And of course, the trees! I am always a fan of going and playing the forest, and so were the energetic boys. Hoping to tire them out, they ran up and down, but even at the top of the trail, they had way more energy left than any of us!

Thank you to the Walton family for meeting up with me again this year and spending a great day out in the park!

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