A Proposal in the Gorge | Congratulations Megan and Taylor!

The only conversations between Taylor and I were via Email, we had to keep it hush hush as this was a surprise.

I asked my photographer friend Jen to come along as I knew she liked to hike and I was raised to never hike alone (although, I count my dog as a companion, so sometimes it’s just us).

We met up in Camas in the morning hours and headed out to the Cape Horn trailhead in the Columbia Gorge.

Columbia Gorge Photographer

Once in the parking lot, we waiting for Taylor and Megan to arrive by “studying the maps”. We didn’t meet before, but my bright orange hiking backpack is a nice little identifier. So once Taylor saw us and gave us a little nod, we hit the trail.

Columbia Gorge Engagement

Now, I knew I was going to be a little slower on the trail, but I had been backpacking and hiking this summer so I thought I would be ok, plus we were only going to go about a mile and a half to the first viewpoint. Well, I was wrong. Almost the entire way to the first viewpoint is switchbacks because of the steepness. So, Megan and Taylor totally blew past us. We gave them a smile and acted like nothing was out of the ordinary. Jen was great and supporting me the entire time.

Every once in a while we could here Taylor yess some words of encouragement. And here I thought I would totally miss the proposal because of how long I was taking.

Just a little before the viewpoint, we met a woman coming down who told us “we’re almost there”. I took it as normal hiking encouragement, but we also got out cameras ready because we didn’t know how long Taylor could stall Megan.

Low and behold, we came around a bend, Taylor saw us, and dropped to one knee.

And of course she said YES!

Megan had no clue it was coming, or that Taylor had us conspiring with him.

We did make them recreate the proposal with a little bit more of a background…..

Also, how cute is their Labradoodle Oliver?!?

Columbia Gorge Proposal

On the way up, Jen and I had seen a few spots that would be great for some engagement portraits, so we followed them back down and got some fun ones along the way.

So happy for these two and I am ecstatic to capture their wedding next summer!

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