A Fall Sunset Engagement Session in the Columbia Gorge | Maria and Spencer

Portland Photographer

I’ll repeat it, I live in such an amazing and gorgeous place!

When Maria contacted me about an engagement session, she mentioned she wanted a location that encapsulated the Pacific Northwest. She and Spencer were having their wedding in New Mexico, so having a stark contrast for their engagement session was essential to her. I gave them a map with an “X” marking the spot to my secret island located in the Columbia Gorge.

We all arrived about half an hour before planned, and it was actually perfect. Although I knew the sunset time, the gorge has its own ideas as the surrounding mountains and hills have their own agenda.

Who else came along to their session? Their dogs!

Also, two of their friends that helped keep their attention as dogs are usually about the same as toddlers when it comes to keeping their attention.

The little gravel road takes you in a spiral as we climbed to the top of the cliff. Up here we have great views of both the Columbia River and the cliffs that line it.

Climbing the rocks at the top is just a little dangerous. Plenty of room to move around and have some great views along the way. I also like to hike halfway back down and capture the couples while they are up there.

Not to mention, Spencer and Maria have some acrobatic skills!

Down along the water, the Washington side is visible and allows amazing views of the Columbia as the sun sets behind the hills.

Congratulations to these to and have an amazing wedding in New Mexico!

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