The Griffith Family Session at Joe’s Place Farms.

When a sweet family schedules a portrait session in the fall, why NOT head on over to the pumpkin patch and have some fun!

Luckily, Joe’s Place Farms is the perfect spot. With lined orchards, a corn maze, and of course the pumpkin patch.

With the sun high in the sky, we decided to hang out in the orchards first. The fruit had just been harvested, but we still got a sweet background amongst the trees.

Over by the pumpkins, the kids got a little excited and were racing around trying to pick out the perfect ones to carve when they got home. I was however, able to get them to pause for a second for some fun shots.

And lastly, we headed over near the corn maze to jump onto the hay ride! The kids were super happy not to pose much for me anymore, they wanted to ride around and have some fun.

Thank you so much Griffith family for coming out and playing on that gorgeous fall day!

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