Tegan and Justin’s Wedding at the Victorian Belle.

Portland photographer

Tegan and Justin are so amazing; I brought an entire team with me for their gorgeous wedding at the Victorian Belle.

Not only did I have my associate Bill with me, but I also brought my assistant Ellie and a fantastic videographer, Cassandra, with One Bloom.

This is also our first time at the Victorian Belle.

When we first arrived, we went straight for all of the details. I absolutely fell in love with Tegan’s idea for a guest book. She had a star chart, dated for their wedding date, and had everyone sign that.

The other thing we do right when we get there? Steal the wedding dress!

As you can probably tell by the chandelier below, the inside of the Victorian Belle has tons of fantastic woodwork and has been gorgeously restored.

My favorite thing about bringing my associate shooter Bill with me is that we can split up and capture both wedding parties at the same time. He went upstairs to catch Justin and some of his groomsmen getting ready.

Downstairs, I was with Tegan as she got her final details all ready.

Tegan and Justin wanted to wait to have their first look during the ceremony, so we kept the parties separate and got some fun shots with the wedding parties before we got out to the ceremony.

After this summer’s offseason rain, we got lucky again and got a beautiful day in late fall! While the Victorian Belle does have a large gazebo option in case of rain, Tegan and Justin got to tie the knot outside and in front of the trees. The winding path leads the wedding party and family members around the seated guests and up the aisle.

And my favorite part of the ceremony, Justin’s first look at his bride Tegan.

And the beautiful bride Tegan being escorted down the aisle with her dad.

These two were so cute during their ceremony, and there were lots of tears between them and their family members.

We all filed inside the main house once the ceremony was over to sign the license. And guess what, there is a room at the very top of the house, in the turret, for the bride and groom to sneak away and have a few moments to themselves. Well, a little bit to themselves, I snuck up too for a few shots.

I have a love of architecture, and the Victorian Belle delievers with this porch! So of course we used it again for their family pictures.

While the guests all go to the party, I steal the couple for some portraits of just them, and give them more time to enjoy the fact that THEY JUST GOT MARRIED!

Also, if you have a veil, I will absolutely use it.

Dinnertime for the couple means that it’s time for me to steal the rings. I could not help myself and had to use their star chart for this one.

We ran back inside just in time to capture the speeches. There were so many people wanting to share their stories and wich the couple their best.

From the speeches, to the cake, bouquet toss, and the first dance. We went from one to another to make sure the couple got in everything that they wanted.

But then, the sunset, and outside become a wonderland where my associate and I love to create.

Being able to step away from the crowds and spend time to just enjoy the fact that you just got married can really help you enjoy your day.

Everyone at your wedding is there to celebrate you, but it can also be stressful. So stepping out to take a breath and enjoy everything becomes really important.

After meeting with Justin and Tegan a few times, I found out about Justin’s love to Star Wars. Soooo, I snuck along my lightsabers that my daughter and I made in Disneyworld. I think even Tegan got into the shots as well.

Congratualtions to Tegan and Justin! I can’t wait to grab some drinks with you soon to see what you have been up to!

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