Sear and Isaiah’s Engagement Session in Downtown Portland

Portland Photographer

When Shar reached out to me to schedule her engagement session, I know they were the perfect couple to work with. We met up at Heathen for a beer and then went over to Tap Union for even more beers and the fire pit. We automatically hit it off and knew that their session would be a blast.

We got a nice fall day to head into downtown Portland as the Portland sign was high on their list of locations.

I love Old Town Portland and the architecture. This building has always caught my eye down there. So glad that Shar and Isaiah went along with everything.

And of course, right across from this building is waterfront park. They also brought their pup out for the fun excursion.

Shar and Isaiah had been friends for a long time before taking the step into the relationship. And that moment happened over at Widmer. However, the taproom is now closed, so we hung around outside to capture some memories.

We even talked a tenant of the apartment building adjacent to the building to let us sneak into the courtyard to use the fountain. It worked well with the height difference of these two <3.

Before we wrapped up the session, we hit the park adjacent to where we parked for just a few more shots. The fall colors on the ground always help.

Congratulations to Shar and Isaiah! I hope they are doing well during this quarantine!

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