Katrina and Lennon’s Engagement Session in Forest Park.

I was so excited when Katrina and Lennon wanted to head down to the Witches Castle in Forest Park! Its a short little hike with some gorgeous scenery along the way, and perfect for an engagement session.

The path drops steeply and winds down to a cool little bridge spanning the creek below. The trick is timing everything so you don’t get the other hikers in your shot.

From there, the trail meanders through the woods and along Balch Creek. Lots of spots to play around in the water and soak in the scenery.

Contrary to the name, the Witches Castle is neither a castle nor have anything to do with witches. It is in fact a dilapidated stone bathroom from the 1930s. A storm came through and caused so much damage, that the Portland Parks Department decided not to refurbish it. Since then, it’s been open for the public to crawl all over and enjoy the stonework. It also makes an amazing backdrop.

The castle was our main goal, so after playing around here for a bit, we started making our way back up to the top. Stopping along the way to find more spots.

To wrap up the session, we used the bridge a little bit more. Coming back up from the bottom you can capture the trees all around it.

Heading down to the Witches Castle is easy, its coming back up the switchbacks that get you.

Still, a great time with these two and cant wait to capture their wedding in August!

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