Professional Photography and Why Your Business Needs It.

I get it. You have a fancy smartphone and it takes pictures and they look ok for what you are offering through your business. But, I want you to step back now and look at what the other businesses that are similar to yours are doing. I know, I know, if you’re like me, you consistently tell yourself that you shouldn’t be doing this comparison, but this is for another reason.

Do those businesses marketing images have the same style, look, and ideas that you are presenting to your audience? If so, how are you making yourself stand out?

One of the situations that I come across in commercial photography is that when I look at a brand’s social media, I can tell if they are just out there using their smartphone, or if they have someone that is bringing in some professionalism with some camera knowledge.

Now using a smartphone is NOT a bad thing. There are multiple opportunities that present themselves for a perfect image to tell your brand’s story, but they should not be the only images that you are presenting. Even if you are using a local marketing company to run all of your media, you should not allow them to only use images that they captured with their phones.

Visuals are the way to catch your customers on social media.

You may think that the witty wording that goes along with your quick pic is what they want, but research has shown that if you can’t catch their eye with the image, people are just going to scroll on by.

Here is a quick example below of what can be done in a short amount of time by hiring a professional photographer to build your visuals. I did a quick cell phone shot of my setup. But then I added in knowledge of lighting and adjustments on camera settings, and BOOM. It was now raining and dark on a clear day. Thank you to my daughter with the hose providing the water and not spraying me with it.

The flash is pressed down into the hay bales behind the cans. I also added a piece of black acrylic below the cans for the reflection.

Big difference, right? Sure, I could have just taken my phone and taken an image of the cans to give back, but would it have made you stopped your scrolling? Probably not.

Like I stated above, there is a time and place for using your phone for your images. Like something fun happening, a quick candid shot of the new products that just came in, and behind the scenes. But weaving those in with images that wow will keep people watching what you are doing and want to be part of it all.

So here is what I am offering. I am starting up a monthly subscription service for images that are built specifically for your business. Either I personally come in and shoot at your place, or you can send products to me, I can photograph them, and then send them back. Nothing is super intrusive that would require you to shut anything down. It’s actually better if you are in full operations at the time for more authenticity.

And guess what, it can cost you as little as $100 a month to have a growing library of images for you to use at any time, and in any way that you wish. You can even send them to an outside marketing service that you use if you wish!

So if you are ready to step up your visual game, contact me at, and lets set up a complimentary consultation and chat about what we can do by working together.

If you would like to read more about how commercial photography can help you out, check out any of my articles that I had the privilege to write for the Vancouver Business Journal.

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