Sarah and Anthony’s Wedding at Oaks Pioneer Church in Portland, OR

Portland Photographer

Three reschedules, multiple venue changes, and finally, Sarah and Anthony got married! It wasn’t what was planned, but it was still perfect.

Because of all of the restrictions with COVID, Sarah and Anthony went through so many changes to get married. They finally just said, let’s do it. Sarah initially booked me for earlier in the year for a courthouse wedding, but when everything was shut down, it was put on hold. Another attempt and the courthouse was still not accepting weddings. Finally, in September they were able to get a venue. I got an email earlier in the week from Sarah stating they booked venue and am I available in 3 days. So I packed up the gear and met them at the Oaks Pioneer Church in Sellwood.

Anthony and the family were hanging outside as I got there, all waiting for Sarah to be on her way. Once we got word, everyone moved inside and I waited out for Sarah.

Can I say that yes please on more black wedding dresses? I think Anthony approved as well.

Due to COVID guidelines, there were just a few of their family members there to witness it all. But they were all glad to be there.

If you’ve never been inside the Oaks Pioneer Church, the dark wood paneling can make it seem dark, but the bright and gorgeous stained glass windows really help brighten it up. It is a gorgeous venue for a wedding.

The ceremony was short and sweet, and contained so many gorgeous words to each other.

Again, to follow guidelines and make sure everyone was comfortable, I had them step outside for the family formals. While the wildfires were burning and filling the air with smoke, it was actually much better than a lot of the other days that we had up here. If we were to look on the positive side, it did work as a good light diffuser.

After the family portraits, I took Sarah and Anthony around for some of their portraits. First around the church grounds. We were lucky to catch the last of the roses blooming.

Right down the road, I peered an opening in the trees that I absolutely had to take their portraits in. I mean, what perfect framing!

Little did I know that it was a pathway into Sellwood Park. So we decided to take a little walk and see what we could find. Sarah really wanted some fall color in with everything.

The trees were still deciding if they thought it was fall or not, so I may of fudged this one a tad in editing to make sure Sarah got exactly what she wanted.

The park was empty, but still gorgeous. I saw some baseball fields and what looked like some older concession stands. I love the care that they used when they built parks like this, even if the architecture has some weird details that we wanted to get some pictures with.

But as always, I will never underestimate the gorgeousnesses that mother nature adds to the image.

With the way that the smoke had filled the sky, we were not expect much when we went down to the waterfront. But the Sellwood Bridge really became a centerpiece, and the smoke ended up looking like fog. I think it gave an eerie, but gorgeous look to things.

After a quick stop back up at the church for a few details, our time together was over. They were off to celebrate with dinner and drinks, and I did my usual of heading home, unloading my SD cards, and sending them a sneak peek as quick as I could.

Congratulations to Sarah and Anthony!

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