Dream Horse Photo Sessions.

We all know that horses hold a certain place in the heart of many, especially kids. We also know that horses aren’t in the cards for everyone to own, so why not have a fun session of your child having the best day of their life?

I have teamed up with Meg at Wildish Way and her rescued therapy animals to create this experience.

Avalon is a 17 hand Shire Horse that absolutely loves kids and spending time with them. She also loves and poses for the camera.

Other amazing souls inhabit this magical farm; my favorite might be the miniature donkeys who want all the scratches they can get from you. And Tommy Turkey acts more like a dog than some actual dogs I have met.

Each session will be an hour-long and include time with Avalon around the barn, road, and other scenic spots within the property. It will also include Meg handling the animals safely and giving a safety brief in the beginning, to make sure there is understanding with the safety. The animals will not be ridden or mounted in any way; this session allows cuddling, walking, petting, and light grooming.

Prices for these experiences start at $800. They include the hour-long session, 25 fully edited digital images of your choice, a $200 print credit, a fully groomed and clean Avalon, and expert animal handling. You are also required to initial and sign a release from Wildish Way upon arrival at the farm.

If you are ready to book your special experience, feel free to contact me!

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