The Walsh Family at the Cedar Creek Grist Mill.

I’m a little spoiled where I live, I mean, I have the Cedar Creek Grist Mill a short distance from me. So when a client, like the Walsh family, asks for location recommendations, it’s always near the top of my list.

Built in 1876, the mill is now restored and a historical building. They even offer demonstrations on Sundays (when there isn’t a pandemic going on. It’s tucked into a little hollow along Cedar Creek and offers a little hiking trail where you can look at the original water flume, a small fish hatchery, and climb along some rocks and enjoy the water.

The bridge was built much later, 1994, but is a great place to kick off your session.

Also, can we get a moment of appreciation for Neha’s boots! Love them!

Just to the east of the bridge (on the side across from the mill), you not only get a good view of the building, but this amazing old tree that I stop and say hi to every time I’m there. So, of course, it’s a great backdrop for you and your family.

The path back to the fishery also has an area that opens up to a small picnic area and has a cool wooden fence running along the sides.

And of course, a good spot for the little one who just wanted to sit down for a little bit.

Down by the fish hatchery, they laid a log down as a nice bench to sit on and watch the salmon as it goes back upstream. Also, a prefect photo op for the entire family!

Now to my favorite spot. This area requires a little mobility and some solid legs. It’s not a bad area; there are just some boulders to scramble over. But moss-covered rocks, a gorgeous creek, and fall-colored trees all around make a perfect scene. Mom and Dad headed down here with me and let the little one hang out with Grandma for a bit.

We met back up with the little at the top and had some fun swinging her.

One last spot! On the way back towards the bridge, there is a moss-covered stone wall that gets prettier every year. These two might make it even prettier. If you follow me on social media, you’ll also know that Vancouver Family Magazine also thought they were gorgeous and made them cover models.

A huge thank you to the Walsh family that chose me to capture them!

Fall portraits are currently booking up fast, so let’s get yours on the calendar now!

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