Daphne and Jesse’s Elopement in the Columbia Gorge

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COVID puts a strain on many things, like big parties to celebrate with your loved ones. But that did not seem to deter Daphne and Jesse. I got an inquiry from Daphne’s mother about a quick elopement at Latourell Falls. With it being one of my favorite spots along waterfall alley in the Columbia Gorge, it was a fast yes from me!

Just a tiny group of their loved ones and these two with the gorgeous waterfall behind them. What a spot to get married!

Jesse was so nervous waiting for Daphne, he was talking to me the entire time as I tried to calm his nerves. You can see it in his face as she came down the aisle!

The ceremony was absolutely beautiful.

Once the ceremony ended, we took a few family images and group shots before most of them headed back to Portland for a dinner celebration.

The entire area of the main waterfall creates a perfect backdrop for any type of photography. I would be lying if it wasn’t my dream to photograph a fantastic couple like these two there.

Congratulations to Jesse and Daphne!

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