Andi and David’s Elopement at Moulton Falls Park in Yacolt, WA

We’ve all dreamt of it, running away with a small amount of family and getting married to the person we love in a place that we love. That is precisely what Andi and David did at Moulton Falls Park before moving away to Montana.

There was no setup for this sweet wedding, we just hiked up to the Moulton Falls Bridge and setup a sweet little first look.

Andi’s sister officiated the wedding ceremony held smack dab in the middle of the bridge. Also, thank you to the hikers who stood to the side and celebrated these two.

The bridge here is iconic to the area and in so many pictures. I like to claim that it’s straight out of Middle Earth. It just adds this magical look to everything. The couple wanted it infused in their wedding portraits so that they had iconic images to remember.

Another spot is hidden right across the road. It’s a little wooded trail that zigzags along a stream and leads you to Yacolt Falls. You can climb around on the stairs that have been built out of the stone formations. It can be hiked as a loop trail during the low water seasons, but during the winter, the metal swing bridge is closed, so we also used the trail as our backdrop.

Congratulations to Andi and David! I wish them all the best with the new adventures in Montana!

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