How to Choose Your Perfect Wedding Photographer.

That being said, there are many photographers to choose from; how do you choose the right one?

I am here to help you out with a few tips.

1. Portfolio

Look through the photographer’s portfolio; they should have numerous examples of their work online on their website and social media. Their website should also show their personality and have an about section that tells you more about them.

You will spend a good portion of your wedding day hanging out with your photographer, so make sure you like their vibe!

2. Budget

It’s essential to decide how much you can afford to spend on a wedding photographer before making any decisions.

While researching photographers, you’re going to come across multiple price ranges. The lower price ranges will likely be for photographers new to the business and looking to grow their portfolio. They may not yet have the best gear or how to work special lighting, but they will get you the primary images. Mid-range photographers usually have a few years under their belt and have a more comprehensive portfolio. The highest prices usually include teams of photographers to make sure every angle is covered.

3. Style

This requires you to dive into multiple portfolios to see what kind of style you love.

Different photographers specialize in various types of photography, so deciding what images you want from your wedding day is essential.

Light and airy? Dark and dramatic? Timeless classic? Lots to choose from, and there are no wrong answers!

4. Ask Questions

You will most likely have many questions for your wedding photographer, which is PERFECT. These questions tell us what is essential to you on your wedding day. We’ll usually ask a few questions to get a broad picture of what you envision for your big day.

If you are still trying to figure out what you should be asking, here is a quick link to a good start on

5. Packages

Once you have your list of potential wedding photographers whittled down, compare each photographer’s packages to see what fits your day best.

Some photographers have a certain amount of images they include; their hours may vary, or they may not include an engagement session. Make sure that you get everything that you want!

Lee and Ricky at St Irenes In Tualalatin

6. Contract

This one is a biggie! Always ensure that there is a contract and that you understand everything.

I have read many horror stories online about couples having their wedding photographer drop out at the last moment, losing their images, or not showing up for their big day! If no contract was signed, it would be much harder to fulfill everything you were promised.

7. Pay Your Retainer

Once you’ve decided on your perfect photographer, make sure they have your date open and pay their retainer fee! This fee holds the date just for you.

Most photographers will not count the wedding as booked without a signed contract, and the retainer paid.

There are plenty more questions that you may have about booking your photographer. I would be happy to meet up for a drink and chat! Even if you don’t need to book with me, I have plenty of referrals to other photographers that will fit your needs.

Contact me to set up your complimentary consultation!

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