Claire and Andy’s Intimate Portland Wedding.

Just wanting to celebrate with family and a handful of friends, Claire and Andy tied the knot at Oaks Pioneer Church and whisked themselves to the Sentinel Hotel for a small reception.

Claire started her day out at the Sentinel Hotel, celebrating with her bridesmaids and getting ready for her big day.

Nestled in the heart of Sellwood, Oregon, Oaks Pioneer Church offers a picturesque setting for couples seeking a charming, intimate wedding venue. This historic church, surrounded by lush gardens and towering oak trees, creates a romantic atmosphere that captures the essence of a fairytale celebration. The rustic beauty of the church, built in 1851, provides a timeless backdrop for exchanging vows. With its vintage ambiance and scenic surroundings, Oaks Pioneer Church is the perfect location for couples who appreciate history and elegance. From the charming ceremony to the joyous reception, this venue transforms weddings into unforgettable moments of love and tradition.

The bride standing outside the Oaks Pioneer church before slipping into her wedding dress

Claire slipped into her wedding dress at the church, which is an excellent decision for those who have their venue in a different spot than their getting-ready venue. Keeps the wrinkles out of your dress and your hair in good shape!

Andy was planning to have his first look at Claire during the ceremony, so he and his groomsmen headed over to Sellwood Park to hang out while Claire was at the church finishing up.

There was one person that Claire wanted to see before the ceremony, and that was her Dad. So we set up a sneak peek on the backside of Oaks Pioneer Church. They have a cute little garden that overlooks the Willamette River back there.

We got Claire tucked away in the back room while the guests arrived and prepared for the ceremony.

While the church is gorgeous, there is a little trick to photographing here. There are no side aisles, so when the bride comes in, you get the full view, but then you have to run through a side door and zoom around the church to enter behind her to get the classic down-the-aisle image.

Andy and Claire decided to mix sand as a symbol of their union. I really enjoy when couples make the ceremonies their own.

Ceremonies are gorgeous here as they are backlit by the antique stained glass window in the back of the church.

Having your family portraits outside the church amongst the flowers is always a good idea.

After we completed the family portraits, we packed up and headed over to Jake’s Grill and the Sentinel Hotel. While they were prepping the private room, we used their lobby for some formal images. I mean, how could I not use this gorgeous staircase.

Once we were whisked away to the private room,Claire and Andy enjoyed a private dinner, drinks, and celebrated with their friends and family.

One of my favrite parts of the reception was when Claire’s Grandmother got up and shared memories of her growing up. So much love!

Congrats to Claire and Andy, I wish you all the happiness!

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