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You’re probably anticipating a long post about where I’ve been published, all of my college education, and a lot of other bs that doesn’t really matter.  However…

You’re probably here because you need a photographer. Not just any photographer, you’re here looking for someone you can relate to. Someone you can share your important day with, and make it seem more like you’re hanging out with a friend. Rather than a day full of awkward moments, and lots of confusion because “I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MY HANDS!”

You’re  looking for a photographer who you feel is close enough to catch those intimate images. The images that make you remember special moments of your special day.

I am that person. 

Vancouver wa Photographer

Hey, look! It’s me!

It started with a baby and a husband who didn’t want me to continue to take her to the big box photo stores. So, one fateful Christmas, he gave me a camera. So technically, this addiction is his fault.

Then came a rough patch. Cancer. It took my dad, so I retreated with the said camera into the woods of the Pacific Northwest. There I would learn the ways of the Jedi, or how to properly use my camera and gain the lighting and gear knowledge that I bring with me today.

For me, the idea of wedding photography came when a close family member asked me to capture his wedding. Hearing Yoda in my thoughts, “Do. Or Do not. There is No Try.” I did what came naturally to me –  capture images of a story to be repeatedly told through the years.

That moment, when delivering those wedding photos, I knew what everything had happened for. To bring me to this point of others wanting me to capture their stories.

So take a seat, grab a beer and see if MY stories can be your story as well…..

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