Camas Meadows Wedding | Stephanie & Justin


It happens. You plan your wedding to be this gorgeous outdoor event, and it rains. Here in the Pacific Northwest, it’s always a gamble what the weather will be. However, Stephanie and Justin took it in stride and had a gorgeous wedding under the tent at Camas Meadows.

From the fun in the dressing rooms to dodging the rain for their portraits, these two knew what mattered, each other.

In the dressing room, through the ceremony, and almost every moment of the reception, there was a smile on Stephanie’s face. The one time she let that slide was when her step dad came out in a shirt dedicated to her father that passed away. I think that would get almost anyone to tear up (I sure did).

At the end of the day, the rain lightened up and I had Sara drop me off at the gorgeous lit up fountain that they have on the course. I setup my lights and by the time she returned with the couple in the golf cart, they only had to spend a small amount of time in the drizzle.

Thank you to Stephanie and Justin for being such awesome people.

Thank you to Charity and Sara for coming along and helping me out!


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