Molton Falls Fall Engagement | Erica and Zach

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Molton Falls Park is hidden up in the hills of Yacolt, WA. It is known for windy roads, gorgeous scenery, and the occasional Sasquatch sighting. The bridge is iconic in the area and in the summertime, there is no bare patch of shore or water, as it is the popular swimming hole.

Erica and Zach wanted a fall engagement full of color and scenery, so of course, this comes right up!

Everytime I go to this park, I head to the lower viewpoint with the Lewis River meandering under the bridge and the ancient lava rocks exposed on shore. So of course, we stopped there to get everything in the background with these two gorgeous people in love.

One of their friends was at the park hiking around, so he hung out with us and convinced some folks trail riding  to let Erica and Zach ride and get some images with. It really helped that one of the horses was deeply in love with the other and wouldn’t leave him alone. So the horses kissing while those two were on them was perfect.

With the sun  behind the clouds the entire time, and the trees showing us their fall colors, it gave us the perfect lighting and backdrops to anywhere we went for the day.

So happy for these two and hope that they have an amazing wedding this summer!

You can also read their interview from their feature on Engagement 101!

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