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Heather and John in the Neon Sign Museum – Las Vegas, Nevada

The Las Vegas Neon Sign Museum is one of those coveted spots us photographers can only dream about photographing in. Luckily, Heather and John are so amazing, they made it happen.

Being such an opportunity to work in a place like this, my nerves were high to get everything right. Luckily we had great weather, my hand dandy assistant, and two amazing people to work with.

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Congratulations! You’re Engaged! …Now What?

The holidays are THE most popular time of the year to get engaged. 40% of all engagements happen between November and February. So if you’ve been suspecting your significant other of hiding a ring…..get ready!

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A Brewery Engagement with Dani and Travis

Nothing like grabbing a pint at your favorite brewpub while having your engagement images captured!

Dani and Travis joined me at my studio in the Academy in downtown Vancouver, WA and then we headed up to their favorite spot to grab a drink, Brothers Cascadia.


Sunrise Engagement with Tegan and Justin | Missy Fant Photography

Tegan and Justin’s stunning sunrise session in the Columbia River Gorge.

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Cedar Creek Grist Mill Engagement with Tallen and Elizabeth

Tallen and Elizabeth are getting married!! And of course, Frank, is ecstatic.

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Columbia Gorge Engagement Session | Stephanie and Ty

The Columbia Gorge is a magnificent piece of nature, especially in the fall. So when Stephanie contacted me about possible locations for their engagement session, I added the Cascade Locks to the list.


A Vancouver, WA Waterfront Engagement | Kristina and Josh

Kristina was a friend from childhood. We use to spend our summers together camping around Mt. Adams, boating in Lake Merwin, and having BBQ’s with our families. Our families drifted apart when I was a teen, so we lost touch until my brother found all of them again. So when Kristina contacted me about her wedding, I was thrilled! Living in Tacoma now, we … Read More A Vancouver, WA Waterfront Engagement | Kristina and Josh


An Oaks Park Maternity Session | Erin and Justin

Erin and Justin got married last year, and I got the incredible pleasure of capturing that day, AND now they are welcoming baby Genevieve shortly! A carousel of course was requested, and Erin and Justin had the great idea of wandering around Oaks Park for their session. The carousel operator was even sweet enough to let us on between rides to get a few … Read More An Oaks Park Maternity Session | Erin and Justin

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Vancouver, WA Engagement | Machete and Mayhem

I had a pre-meeting with Machete and Mayhem a few months ago, and they spent so much time telling me how awkward they were. So I thought hey, perfect people for me! Also, why not make a fun session out of it and see how uncomfortable¬†we could get. But between the laughter, I got to capture their true nature and love for one another. … Read More Vancouver, WA Engagement | Machete and Mayhem

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Hoyt Arboreteum Engagement | Amanda and Jamison

Trying to find a non-rainy in February here in Portland is a tricky thing to do. Luckily, we scheduled Amanda and Jamison’s engagement shoot, and the rain stayed away from us the entire time. However, the Hoyt Arboretum does provide a fantastic tree canopy in case the rain starts up. We started just above the Wedding Meadow and hiked down along the path to the Redwood … Read More Hoyt Arboreteum Engagement | Amanda and Jamison

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Steamboat Landing Engagement Session | Kylie and Kelly Engagement Session

And we’re back with Kylie and Kelly! I really loved working with these two and had to share more from their finished session.¬†

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Columbia Waterfront Engagement | Kylie and Kelly Sneak Peek

The weather called for rain, but I think that the universe understood that Kylie and Kelly had an engagement session to be shot!

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