A Backyard Soiree | Adele and Jared

It started with an email way back in 2015. Adele was looking for a photographer in SW Washington and somehow stumbled across my website back then.

She and her fiancé Jared live in Indiana and were having a wedding there, and then flying over to the west coast to have a wedding with Jared’s family in Longview. An excellent, low-key, fun event here in the PNW? I’ll take it!

It was the first real clear, hot sunny day, so I packed along my appropriate lighting gear that lets me fight the sun when it’s too bright outside.

I met Jared out while he was wondering around Tony’s property and he gave me the quick tour. Since they already had their big party, they were having a small, casual ceremony and then dinner, dancing, and drinks afterward.

Their ceremony was in the wide open sun, and they stood beneath a handmade arbor while saying their vows and planting a tree together.

For portraits, we meandered through the property trying to find as even as light as possible. The wooden fence along the perimeter had some great shade trees dotted along it what worked perfectly for little hangout spots out of the bright light and hot heat.

The property had this beautiful barn with an elegant loft that would hold the entire family. Below, there was a covered patio where a sweet song was played by Tony and his guitar for their second first dance together.

It was a perfect gathering for celebrating these two!

I wish them all the best and to SSDGM!


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