Jazmine and Mason’s Mount Saint Helen’s Engagement Session

Southwest Washington lives in the shadow of the gorgeous (and dangerous) Mount Saint Helens, so why not adventure to the north side for Jazmin and Mason’s engagement session?

We weren’t sure where to stop, so we drove along Spirit Lake Highway and stopped whenever we saw a view we liked. I’ve been up this road numerous times but never stopped at the Hoffstadt Creek Bridge. There’s a parking lot on the west side, so you can check out how pretty the architecture is. And, of course, use it as a backdrop.

The views from the road deck aren’t too shabby either!

If you have done this drive, the views along the way are so pretty! Right now, a slide has it closed farther down, but you can still enjoy many viewpoints and visitor centers.

We made it up to the Elk Rock visitor center before it got later and turned back, but look at these views of Loowit!

Can’t wait to hang out with these two at their wedding in Longview this summer!

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