Lincoln City, OR Wedding | Kelsey and Jaremy – A Wedding Fit for A Princess

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When the couple wants to meet me in a brewery, hikes in a thunderstorm for their engagement session and bribes me to go to the beach, I know they are my type of people.

Kelsey is a Disney fanatic, so of course, she had a Cinderella dress full of sparkles and subtle hints everywhere, I never found the hidden Mickey’s though.

Jaremy was the perfect prince. Smiles, tears, and lots of spontaneous moments with these two made our day fun.

It was a destination wedding in Lincoln, City Oregon, so I bribed my husband into coming along for a weekend retreat, and even got him to go with to assist me. Now he understands why sometimes when I get home, I just want to sit down and have a beer. It’s a workout!

We met Jaremy and Kelsey at Salishan Spa and Golf Resort as they were getting ready. I hung out with the girls and captured the details.

Portland Oregon Wedding Photography_0056
Kelsey’s dress on the balcony of her suite.

The ceremony was held in the little glen that they had tucked away on the property. The sun was tricky that day as it was in and out of clouds and peeking through the trees surrounding the site.

Afterward, we went to the reception hall. I was completely floored at the amazing centerpieces that Kelsey’s friend, Katie, had made. There may be talk about her opening an Etsy shop for these!

Portland Oregon Wedding Photography_0037
It was a subtle Disney theme. Can you guess what table has what movie?

And of course, the bride and groom had this one.

Portland Oregon Wedding Photography_0052

The reception included a waffle brunch, dancing, toasts, and cupcakes from Simply Sweets here in Vancouver, WA

Portland Oregon Wedding Photography_0036

Portland Oregon Wedding Photography_0043Portland Oregon Wedding Photography_0048Portland Oregon Wedding Photography_0050

The real magic happened when we snuck off down to the beach. The sun was out at the top of the hill at Salishan, but the beach was misty. It made for perfect lighting. There was a path off to the side that was lined by trees.

Portland Oregon Wedding Photography_0045Portland Oregon Wedding Photography_0044Portland Oregon Wedding Photography_0041Portland Oregon Wedding Photography_0040

Portland Oregon Wedding Photography_0038Portland Oregon Wedding Photography_0039

My husband and I had an amazing time working with these two, I cant wait to go grab some beers and hangout some more.

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