Vancouver, WA Wedding | Bailee and Matt at the Hostess House

Vancouver, WA wedding photographer

Love notes, sweet gifts, and lots of tears. And that was before the ceremony at Matt and Bailee’s wedding at the Hostess House in Vancouver, WA at the beginning of August.

Bailee was surrounded by many of her loving friends while she got ready in her bridal suite.

Matt and his groomsmen spent their pre-wedding festivities with my associate photographer Bill.  The groom’s room was a little smaller, so they got to hang outside and show their fun side.

Longview WA Wedding Photographer_0088

We then banished the boys inside so that Bailee could have the first look with her father. These are the moments that make it hard for NOT to break down when I am shooting.

Another time to break down? When the groom’s reaction to seeing his bride for the first time is this:

Longview WA Wedding Photographer_0082

How can you not have overwhelming emotions at this true show of love from Matt?

Between the ceremony and the reception, we did our usual sneak out with the couple and took some of their portraits over by the lit pond they have on the property. We knew we would be back later when the sun dropped a little lower, so we only did a few.

Back inside, there was dinner, dancing, toasts and the general shenanigan’s that happens in a super fun reception.

Once the guests were on the dance floor, that’s when we knew our magic would happen. You see, my amazing associate Bill is also a light painter, and well, we’ve been wanting to incorporate some of that art into our wedding work. Matt and Bailee were awesome and let us do our first wedding/light painting combination. This is what Bill created:

Longview WA Wedding Photographer_0092

Being able to create something fun and unique is definitely something that we LOVE to do. We’re hoping to be able to create a few more of these this winter to really show what we can create for our amazing clients.

Another one of our specialties? Low light images with a WOW factor. I made sure to capture one on Matt and Bailee’s send off. The challenge here was that they were using bubbles in the dark. If you were to just use the basic flash techniques (or no flash at all) you wouldn’t be able capture all the fun bubbles floating into the sky. However, with our love of low light work and knowledge of flash techniques, we were able to capture this:


Creating amazing images that our client’s will love is our absolute favorite thing.


3 responses to “Vancouver, WA Wedding | Bailee and Matt at the Hostess House”

  1. Thank you Missy and Bill, the photos will live on forever. I love that you captured these moments for the newlyweds day! The love they have for one another shines through their eyes and emotion, we couldn’t have asked for a better team to show this love! I hope your available when the time comes for my son (Not in a hurry though Hehe)
    Peggy Standley
    mother of the bride

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