Horning’s Hideout Engagement Session | Ashley and Kevin

Vancouver WA Photographer

Of course, the first day of rain in months would happen when there is a sweet engagement session to capture at Horning’s Hideout!

Kevin and Ashley walked with me to the large pond where the downpour started. There was a picnic shelter there with views of the forest and lake that we used until it decided to lighten up a bit.

Horning’s Hideout has some older barns on the property that makes for a perfect background (as long as you can get the peacocks away).

There are also several ponds and streams with bridges that may or may not be structurally sound. In any case, we climbed around on them as well.

Right as we brought out the umbrellas, the rain went away. Typical northwest.

We spent the remainder of the time walking around the large field and all hills.

I look forward to seeing these two again in January for their wedding at a brewery!


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