When Mariessa told me she was getting married out by Sunset Falls out in Yacolt, WA I got super excited. I grew up going to that area with my friends to go swimming, hiking, and camping, and I currently live a very short ways away.

I put the address into my GPS and headed into the great dark area. I call it dark because there is no phone service there and the GPS services kinda, sorta know their way out there.

The address it brought me to was a cliff, with no access. I stopped and freaked out for a second, and then remembered that there is this private gravel road on the other side of the river, I just have to drive through the state park to get to it. BINGO! It was on the other side at a private residence that had an AMAZING venue. Little cabins tucked into the woods with private access down to the Lewis river and its own little swimming hole.

Entering the property, I walked over a handmade bridge, groomed landscape, and a super cute garden with a custommade metal peacock gate.

Mariessa was in one of the many buildings spread out through thr preoprty. It was more like a converted barn that had its own bar and kitchen inside. Her brother was styling her and they were having way too much fun together. I don’t think I saw Mariessa lose her smile once thorughout the day.

wedding photographer under $2000_0170

In the main area of the barn, her Mother helped her with her hair and then slip into her dress.

wedding photographer under $2000_0157

I snuck out with her dress right before she got it on to get some shots. I loved the gate too much so I had to put it


wedding photographer under $2000_0154

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