Multnomah Falls Wedding | Katie and Christian

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Multnomah Falls on my list of dream venues to shoot at, and Katie and Christian helped me achieve that dream!

My assistant Eleanor and I arrived at a surprisingly open parking lot and made our way over to the historic lodge. Inside, we were able to go where more tourists can not, the attic.

It had a curtained balcony opening to the dining, room, a marvelous old fireplace, and my favorite, a triangular window that ran along the roof slope outside.

The ceremony took place in the plaza a little farther back than the falls itself. We could see the top of the falls from there but otherwise were surrounded by the gorgeous trees that we have here in the Pacific northwest.

After the ceremony, we fought the tourists and made our way to the waterfall viewpoint. Most people saw the gorgeous dress and gave us a few minutes to capture the falls behind them. Then Eleanor, Katie, and Christian hiked up to the historic bridge so that we could get some pictures on the bridge itself.

Inside the lodge, we had a majority of the dining room to eat, drink, and dance the night away!

We snuck out one more time, why? Because someone had brought their goats to the park! We got out there and got to play with a mom and her baby. It wouldn’t be Portland (or close to it) without adding something unique.

I am so lucky that I get to work with couples like Katie and Christian. Their fun and easy going personalities make my job so enjoyable and easy to capture their candid moments together.


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