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Usually, I am all about the beer. But on my latest trip to the Washington coast, I got to check out Adrift Distillers.

Located right next to the Adrift Hotel in Long Beach, WA, Matt creates vodka, gin, whiskey, and an amazingly delicious cranberry liqueur.

Vancouver wa photographer

Luna, the distiller’s pup, greeted us with a wagging tail and walked us around the equipment while Matt explained the process and all the ingredients that go into making the spirits. All of their grain comes directly from Washington farmers, and they create the base alcohol right there in the distillery. From their, they use local ingredients to give their unique taste.

The cranberry liqueur seemed like their most popular choice. We even had a group of people stop by during the tour to pick up a few bottles. I never realized that the peninsula had cranberry farms, but I started seeing them pop up along the drive. Starvation Alley Cranberry Farms is the producer of these tart berries that create this unique liqueur. I’m thinking of putting this tart treat over some vanilla ice cream (or milkshake) for a sweet summer treat.

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The gin created here is much different than many others I’ve had. I am no gin connoisseur, but a majority that I have had a taste of, tend to taste like I just got a mouth full of evergreen tree. I like it but in smaller quantities. This gin has some of that, but nowhere close to overpowering. I got much more of a delicious citrus taste. For my preference, I like this much better.

If I am not drinking beer, whiskey is usually my go-to alcohol of choice. Adrift’s whiskey smelled of caramel and tasted like honey. They are working on a bourbon right now, so with me knowing what they can do, I am going to make another trip when that gets finished late 2019 or early 2020. You can even pick up a mini whiskey making kit while you’re there!

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I have not drunk too much vodka; I usually mix it when I have it. So I cant compare it to others, but what I did taste, was impressive. Smooth and clean flavor to it.

I am so happy that Michelle with North Jetty brought me out to meet Matt and that I got to taste what Adrift Distillers have to offer. I already have another trip out to the coast on my calendar in late July, so I think I’ll be heading back and picking up a few bottles.

So next time you’re out at Long Beach. Stop by, say hi to Matt and taste what he has been crafting up! Oh, and pet Luna for me too.

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