A Weekend at the Coast with North Jetty Brewing

Vancouver wa photographer

I may be a little biased with this review, but that is because I had such a great time with Michelle and Erik Svendsen, the owners, and brewers at North Jetty Brewing in Long Beach, WA.

Vancouver wa photographer

The primary goal of the trip was to build an image portfolio for them to use in marketing and social media. While I accomplished that, I also enjoyed many of their fantastic beers, got to see some not so visited spots on the Long Beach peninsula, and made some great friends in the process.

Vancouver wa photographer

I first met Michelle at one of the Vancouver Brewfest, and we spent the time hanging out and drinking together. She spoke about me coming down to the brewery and working in some commercial images for her. After a month of planning, I finally made it down!

The brewery itself is located on the main strip of the peninsula in Seaview, WA.

Inside you see the nods to the ocean, the mermaid that was obtained in Key West, Florida and the many founders who have helped along the way.

I knew I was staying for a few days, so I told myself that I needed to try as many beers as possible. There are about 19 taps, and by the end of day 3, I think I got really close.

Every one of the beers that I tried was outstanding, but of course, I do have a few favorites. The summer also heavily influenced my picks as I tend to go for lighter brews. La Sirena was outstanding, and it is only available in their taproom. That means get your butt to the coast and try this! Atlantic Wave East Coast IPA, Lost Jetty Sourdop Saison, and Seaview Summer Ale were my favorites this time. The Another F’in Raspberry Hef and Yellow Boots Kolsch have been widely available here in my hometown of Vancouver, WA, so I have had those many times and are always enjoyable.


That weekend was also the release of their first lager, La Sirena Mexican Lager. So lucky that I got to taste it with the added lime as well. I could drink that one all summer long.

On the last evening there, we loaded up the truck with some drinks, pizza, and fuel for a fire and headed down to the beach. The boys broke out their acoustic guitars, I launched my drone for a little bit and even got creative with one of their growlers.

Perfect ending to a great weekend. Thank you to Erik and Michelle for such fantastic hospitality and new friendships. I look forward to hanging out with you two for more fun adventures.

So if you’re looking to head to the coast, or even for just a great beer destination. I highly recommend going and seeing Erik and Michelle Svendson at North Jetty Brewing in Seaview, WA.

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